Kyle Richards’ Sister Kathy Hilton Accused Of ‘Shade’ After She Likes Dorit Kemsley’s ‘RHOBH’ Retreat Photo

Kathy Hilton liked a photo of Dorit's glam workout look after her sister Kyle's blowout fight with the Beverly Beach founder.

Kyle Richards and Kathy Hilton pose together; Bravo star Dorit Kemsley
Fernanda Calfat / Amy Sussman / Getty Images

Kathy Hilton liked a photo of Dorit's glam workout look after her sister Kyle's blowout fight with the Beverly Beach founder.

Kathy Hilton is being accused of throwing shade at her sister Kyle Richards on social media.

Following the most recent episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle’s older sister “liked” an Instagram photo of Dorit Kemsley, who was dressed to the nines for a retreat hosted by Teddi Mellencamp. But anyone who saw the episode knows that the retreat culminated in an explosive blowout fight between Kyle and Dorit, during which Dorit insinuated that she’s the only one who has a “life.”

As seen on the most recent episode of the Bravo reality show, Dorit arrived late to Teddi’s retreat in full glam mode. The Beverly Beach by Dorit founder wore camo print leggings, a black crop top, a black Balenciaga denim jacket, and bright white sneakers. Her hair was in a picture-perfect high ponytail as she arrived on the scene. Dorit also made it clear that she had no plans to work out in her workout gear, and she defended her late arrival to the retreat, which irked Kyle.

“Kyle, I have a f*cking LIFE!” Dorit shouted at one point, per a recap by Entertainment Weekly.

The argument resulted in all of the Real Housewives stars missing out on a meditation Teddi had lovingly set up outside, complete with personalized yoga mats for her friends.

Kyle later went off on Dorit at Denise Richards’ dinner party as they rehashed the blowout.

“Clearly you had time to sit in the glam chair,” the RHOBH veteran said. “If you’re going to come support a friend, just f*cking come and support her, but don’t come in your fake workout clothes, with your posing on Instagram, saying, ‘Workout Barbie glam,’ but you’re not even coming for the f*cking workout! It’s f*cking weird!”

After Dorit posted a photo of her glam retreat look to Instagram, fans were surprised to see that Kyle’s sister Kathy posted a comment.

“Gorgeous!” Kathy wrote of Dorit’s pic.

Several fans took Kathy’s complimentary reaction to Dorit’s glam look to mean that she was throwing shade at her own sister.

“Lol the shade,” one fan wrote of Kathy’s comment.

“[Kathy Hilton] this is shaaaaaaaade,” another wrote.

“So petty, I love it,” a third follower added.

But in a comment on Kyle’s Instagram page, Kathy explained that she was not throwing shade at anyone. The mom of Paris Hilton noted that she had not yet watched this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and had simply liked Dorit’s pic with no back story whatsoever. As for her relationship with Kyle, Kathy also made it clear that it is all good between the celebrity sisters.

“I love my sister very much, we are getting along like 2 puppies in a cage, ” Kathy wrote. “We talk on the phone every day. She is the bun on my burger. I am the cherry on her sundae. She adores Dorit and has never said anything negative about her to me.”

Kyle and her sisters Kathy Hilton and Kim Richards have had issues over the years, most notably when Kyle created American Woman, a TV series based loosely on the life of their late mom, Kathleen Dugan. The sisters reportedly worked out their differences and are now closer than ever.