Sean Reed's Facebook Live Video Shows Fatal Police Shooting, Taunt: 'It's Going To Be A Closed Casket, Homie'

Sean Reed's Facebook live video showed a reported car chase with police and gunfight that ended with the suspect's death, as well as what appeared to be a taunt about his dead body.

The video, which had more than 4,000 viewers at one point, is now at the center of controversy and has sparked protests in Indianapolis. Police said that the suspect, identified by family members as Reed, had a gun and was killed in a shootout with officers after leading them on a chase, reported.

While details of the shooting are still emerging, a Facebook live video reportedly coming from the now-deceased suspect appeared to show the police chase and what led up to the shooting, including an apparent taunt of the man's dead body. In the video, the person driving holds the camera behind him to show what looked like a police car chasing him.

"Almost lost him y'all!" the man said. "Almost got rid of his a**!"

The man later laughed at believing he had lost the police officer, the account from noted. The man told his viewers that he was at 62nd and Michigan streets, asking for someone to come and get him as he parked the car and left the vehicle. The video becomes unclear as the man apparently walks away, but another voice could be heard. Then, the person identified as Reed replied.

"What'd you say?"

There was more shouting heard, followed by a series of gunshots. The phone then dropped to the ground, pointing up at the sky, as more than a dozen more shots rang out. As hundreds of people reacted in real time to the shooting on the Facebook broadcast, another voice could be heard apparently taunting the deceased person, joking that they would need a closed casket after having suffered gunshot wounds.

"I think it's going to be a closed casket, homie," a man's voice could be heard saying.

It was not identified who said that, though it has sparked anger in the Indianapolis area among those who believe it was one of the police officers who fatally shot Reed.

As the New York Post reported, the department has placed the officer involved in the shooting on administrative leave while the shooting itself is under investigation.

"IMPD closely scrutinizes all uses of force, as we hold every officer to our high standards," the department said in a statement.

The shooting sparked protests in Indianapolis, with crowds gathering near the intersection where the fatal shooting occurred. The Facebook live video captured by Reed in his final moments has also gone viral on social media, with many taking to Twitter to call for justice for the slain man.