Author Emily Giffin Slams Meghan Markle After Reading Video Goes Viral: 'Go Away'

Author Emily Giffin let off some steam toward Meghan Markle over a video she shared reading to her son, Archie for his first birthday.

According to HuffPost, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shared the precious video Wednesday as part of Save The Children UK's #SaveWithStories campaign, which seeks to provide food and learning resources to children affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The clip ran for almost three minutes as baby Archie sat on Meghan's lap while she read the children's book Duck! Rabbit! aloud. Proud dad Prince Harry can be heard in the background filming while giving encouraging sounds along the way.

Giffin, a self-described "royal watcher," did not seem to find the recording cute, as she took to her now-private Instagram account with extensive complaints about her perception of Markle's behavior. She posted a series of Instagram stories about the video, beginning the rant by writing "Happy birthday, Archie. Go away Megan."

Throughout her posts, she spelled Markle's first name wrong.

Giffin next shared a screenshot of a comment she left on an unidentified Instagram account, where she first acknowledged how "adorable" Archie and the book itself was. She then followed by dissecting Meghan's behavior.

"Holy 'me first'. This is the Megan show. Why didn't she film and let Harry read?" wrote Giffin, before insinuating that Meghan did not show her husband because she wanted the clip to be all about her.

Giffin also took offense to the now-1-year-old Archie not wearing pants in the recording, referring to the duchess' plea for privacy for her son.

Giffin also posted screen captures of a separate text conversation and a private conversation on Instagram.

The New York Times best-selling author called Meghan "unmaternal" while the person on the other end of the texts called her mothering "fake and forced." They went on to mention her past as an actress, insinuating that she's only playing a part.

When asked about her thoughts on Kate Middleton and Prince William wishing Archie a happy birthday, she referred to them as a "class act."

HuffPost also noted that Giffin previously said that Meghan "sucks" and that she was not a fan of Prince Harry anymore after the duke and duchess announced their plans to step back as working members of the royal family in January.

In the past, Giffin also expressed disinterest in Archie's lack of having a royal title and called Harry and Meghan a "footnote" in royal history. She also mentioned how she was more excited for William and Kate's three children than Archie's arrival last May.