Diana Maux Takes To The Streets In A Scandalous Bikini & Itty Bitty Daisy Dukes

Diana MauxInstagram

Diana Maux looked smoking hot in her latest Instagram update. The model pulled out all the stops with her exquisite looks and had her fans flocking to view her social media page, as she took to the streets clad in only the skimpiest of clothing.

The model, who originally hails from Colombia, looked ripped and ready for action as she traipsed the city’s streets wearing a scandalous string bikini. The little pink number barely contained her assets, and her fans were treated to a generous view of her sideboob and tiny waist.

Diana paired the top with a pair of tight, short Daisy Dukes. In fact, her thick booty popped out from beneath the confines of the denim shorts, as her tanned butt cheeks gave way to her incredible legs. The fitness model flaunted her muscular thighs and calves that could have easily passed for those of a top athlete. Of course, her wedge espadrilles only added to her sex appeal and helped to show off her legs.

Diana styled her long brown hair in a side part. Her tresses cascaded down her back in soft waves and hit the top of her Daisy Dukes. Her only other accessories were a silver watch and large hoop earrings to frame her pretty face.

The peer influencer appeared to be wearing a full face of makeup. She carefully highlighted her eyes and mouth and her skin seemed to glow.

In an effort to get a shot of Diana’s famous derriere, the shot was taken from behind. The model looked over her shoulder and framed her face with her arm. She posed with one foot in front of the other and her hand running through her hair. In the background, an empty street and road signs await her.

In her caption, Diana encouraged her fans not to conform to other people’s standards. Instead, she advised them to simply move forward. Many of her 511,000-plus followers resonated with her message and many took the time to comment or hit the “like” button. Several of them expressed their love for her bubbling energy, gorgeous smile, and of course, her famous dance moves.

One fan had an extraordinary compliment for the Colombian model.

“Hotter than a sunburn,” they said.

Another follower also waxed lyrical about Diana’s body.

“I’d like to have a hug from you. Wow, those legs and everything about you is beautiful,” they raved.

“That tan. You are so beautiful Diana,” a third Instagram user said.