May 6, 2020
'General Hospital' Spoilers For Wednesday: Alexis Intervenes As Kristina & Sam's Argument Continues

Emotions will be getting the best of people during Wednesday's episode of General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that Alexis and her three daughters will continue their heated discussion during the May 6 show, and it looks like feelings will be left hurt once this is all over.

Alexis and her three daughters have been working on a clothing drive, but tempers have been flaring. The three sisters have been spending quite a bit of time together over the past few days and much of the chatter has been about Molly's situation with TJ and Brando.

Sam and Kristina have been at odds in terms of how they feel about Molly's situation, and this sparked a bigger battle. During Tuesday's episode, Kristina said some hurtful things to Sam about her relationship with Jason. Unfortunately, Sam pushed back and blamed Kristina for her legal troubles.

Alexis has not been present for everything that has been shared between the three sisters in these recent conversations. She was stunned to be filled in on Molly's brief fling and she was quite flustered listening to Sam and Kristina tear into one another.

According to General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Wednesday's show posted on Twitter, Alexis will step in to try to smooth things over among her daughters. Unfortunately, it looks as if her approach may cause more harm than has already been done.

In the preview clip, Alexis seems to be speaking directly to Kristina as she asks why her daughter would say such hurtful things. As she says this, Kristina will look over toward Sam, who is staring back at her sister. Molly will be standing right behind Sam, seemingly choosing her side over Kristina's at the moment.

As fans will remember, much of the appeal of Dawn of Day for Kristina came from feeling that she couldn't live up to her mother's expectations. It took a great deal of work for Alexis and Kristina to reconnect, and it looks as if this argument could undo all of the progress they have made.

General Hospital spoilers available via SheKnows Soaps do not reveal anything juicy about what happens next within this family dynamic for Alexis and her daughters. Both Alexis and Molly are facing challenges in their respective relationships, and Sam's still in a tough spot with Jason. As for Kristina, she doesn't have much going on at the moment, and this character seems ripe for something fresh and juicy.

Should Alexis and Molly be taking Sam's side over Kristina's? Will this create permanent damage to the relationships in this family? General Hospital spoilers hint that this could get pretty ugly, and viewers will be curious to see what, if anything, is resolved.