Valeria Orsini Showcases Her Voluptuous Cleavage In Tiny Black Bikini

Valeria OrsiniInstagram

Valeria Orsini has been posting several jaw-dropping snapshots on her Instagram page lately. In the latest share, which was posted on May 4, the Latina model added a sexy two-photo update that showed her flaunting her perky chest.

For the post, Valeria could be seen posing outdoors, dressed in her scanty ensemble. In the first photo, she allowed herself to be photographed from her midsection up. The camera caught her facing slightly sideways as she looked up, seemingly staring at something that caught her attention. The bright sunshine filled the background, which gave a nice glow to the picture.

The second snap showed more of the babe’s body. She posed front and center with her legs apart. She placed her left arm across her taut stomach, while her right hand held the tip of her hat. This shot also revealed her background, which included a wooden backyard wall with some parts hit by the sunlight. Below, dried leaves filled the ground.

The 30-year-old sported a black bikini top from Lotus Couture, a Miami-based clothing store. The plunging neckline exposed a generous amount of cleavage, which made many of her fans happy. The tiny triangle cups appeared to be padded and were slightly too small, so they didn’t cover her breasts entirely.

She paired the top with a skin-tight, high-waisted mini skirt made of spandex. In the second pic, the garment appeared to have a ruched design on the side.

Valeria enhanced her beauty with a full makeup look. Her application consisted of a high-coverage foundation, filled-in eyebrows, well-blended eyeshadow, and several coats of mascara. She also added a light dusting of pink blush and glowing highlighter. She applied some lipstick on her lips to complete her look. She left her golden hair down, styled in beachy waves, and wore a straw hat over it.

In the caption, she wrote an inspiring quote, adding a sunflower emoji and a “blessed” hashtag. She tagged her outfit sponsor, Lotus Couture, and professional photographer Gabriel Gonzalez.

Valeria’s latest social media post earned more than 38,500 likes and over 730 comments. Many of her fans flocked to the comments section and wrote gushing messages, praising her beauty and “perfect body.” Some others couldn’t find the right words to express their thoughts, opting to use a trail of emoji instead.

“I love your word of inspiration!! You are so beautiful,” wrote an admirer.

“Preach sis! I’ve been hanging on to things that don’t help me, and this reminder today was well placed! Thanks for being a positive force!” added another fan.

“Most beautiful thing on earth, and I mean it,” gushed a third Instagram follower.