Niece Waidhofer Slays In Racy Red Lingerie & Choker

Niece Waidhofer excels at titillating her 1.8 million Instagram followers and she did not disappoint with the snap she uploaded on Tuesday. Often, she spices up her regular lingerie posts by adding an assortment of bondage gear and accessories. For her most recent shot, she added garters strapped to a belt around her waist and a choker attached to a strap that cut straight between her breasts.

The 30-year-old wore a satin red pushup bra that created massive cleavage. Niece paired it with matching panties that featured double straps on the sides, which revealed plenty of her slender waist. Her choker attached to a belt beneath her bust. Each piece of her sexy ensemble was characterized by gold hardware.

She parted her brunette locks on the side and let most of her hair drape across her shoulder. It appeared she carefully sculpted her eyebrows into high arches and took the time to make her eyes stand out by applying heavy eyeliner and mascara. It also looked like she sculpted her slim cheekbones with a shade of bronzer and dabbed bright pink lipstick on her pursed lips.

Niece posed for the picture by perching on the edge of a window seat, leaning her hands back against the horizontal cushion. The image captured her from the front as she cast an intense gaze toward the camera. The pose amplified her voluptuous chest and slender figure, along with her shapely thighs and curvy hips.

She used her Instagram tag to indicate the image was taken in Puebla City, although that seemed to be a joke tied to her Instagram caption, which discussed the way "white people" celebrate Cinco de Mayo. She joked most of them enjoyed $5 margaritas from the chain restaurant Chili's but did not actually know why the holiday is celebrated.

Her fans loved the post. It racked up over 118,500 likes and more than 1,500 comments. Dozens of the model's admirers piled into her comments section to tell her how beautiful she looked.

"I always like your comments nearly as much as the pics," one fan wrote.

"One day you look like an Angel... the next day you're the devil in disguise," joked another person.

"I'm just gonna quote what I said as soon as I saw this pic. 'Oh f*ck.' Perfect as always," a third admirer raved.

On Monday, Niece shared a provocative photograph of herself wearing all-white lingerie. She similarly exposed her stomach and thighs in that snapshot, earning over 134,100 likes to date.