Stephanie Sanzo Flaunts Muscled Physique In Orange Shorts For New Glute-Focused Workout Video

Stephanie Sanzo Instagram

Stephanie Sanzo targeted her glutes in the most recent video series on her Instagram page.

Dressed in a pair of orange shorts and a gray sports bra, the Australian fitness trainer started the workout with a series of banded squats. Assuming a wide-legged stance with a pink resistance band around her knees, Stephanie bent her legs until her thighs were parallel to the ground before she stood up again.

In the second clip of the series, Stephanie performed a set of banded side steps. She placed the band around her shins for this one and kept her torso bent forward as she took slow lateral steps

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Next, she tackled a set of jumping lunges. Starting with one foot in front of the other and both knees bent, she jumped to switch the position of her legs.

Single leg glute bridges followed. Stephanie lay on an exercise mat for this one and placed one heel on the opposite knee. Then she raised her hips, paused briefly at the top of the exercise, and she lowered them.

In the next clip, Stephanie knocked out a combination of glute bridges and abductions. With the resistance band slightly above her knees and her feet planted on the floor, Stephanie raised her hips and lowered them, much like she did in the previous video.

In the final video of the series, Stephanie ended the circuit with a set of seated banded abductions. She sat with her torso tilted backward and her hands on the mat at her sides. She started with her legs closed and her knees raised, with the band slightly above them. Then she spread her legs and closed, stretching and contracting the band as she did so.

The post has been liked more than 20,000 times, and close to 300 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, Stephanie got lots of compliments from her fans.

“You look awesome. Another great lower body workout!” one person wrote.

“Excellent muscle tone all over but I really like the tone in your legs,” a second Instagram user commented.

Others also seemed eager to give the workout a try.

“Thank you, 37 weeks pregnant, and should be able to do most of these depending on what my bump tells me,” a third supporter added.

Amid all of the compliments, some commenters had questions. One fan asked why they felt the glute bridge and thigh abduction combo in their hamstrings. In her reply, Stephanie advised placing the feet closer to the hips to correct this problem.