Ana Cheri Flashes Her Bombshell Curves In A White Crop Top And Itty Bitty Bikini Bottoms

Ana CheriInstagram

Ana Cheri knows how to keep her 12.5 million Instagram followers coming back for more. The model and fitness trainer has stepped up her social media game lately, treating fans to multiple snaps every day that, more often than not, see her showing some serious skin in revealing ensembles.

The brunette beauty continued the scandalous trend in the most recent addition to her Instagram grid, which went live on Tuesday evening. In the image, Ana sat outside on a white patio couch covered in pillows and a cozy blanket. She kept her back straight as she posed for the camera in front of her, though she averted her gaze to something off into the distance rather than affixing her eyes to the lens.

Ana highlighted her bombshell figure with her outfit choice for the day, which included a pair of itty bitty gold bikini bottoms. The ruched swimwear covered up only what was necessary of the model’s lower half, leaving her curvy hips and sculpted legs completely exposed. Its thin string waistband was tied high on her hips in dainty bows, one of which Ana tugged to the side in a teasing manner.

The 33-year-old opted for a long-sleeved white crop top from Fashion Nova rather than the matching bikini top to complete her look. It had the words “Over It” printed underneath its mock neckline in bold, black lettering, and it cut off just below her chest to give Ana’s audience a peek at her flat midsection and abs. Ana also appeared to be going braless underneath the form-fitting number, further pushing the limits of the social media platform.

Ana went simple with her accessories, adding only a pair of dainty gold earrings. She tied her dark locks into trendy space buns that sat on either side of her head and opted for a subtle makeup look. The application appeared to include a nude lipstick, dusting of red blush, and thick coat of mascara that made her piercing brown eyes pop.

As with most of her recent uploads, Ana’s millions of followers flooded her Tuesday night post with love. It has amassed nearly 222,000 likes after just 10 hours of going live, as well as hundreds of comments and compliments.

“You’re so perfect babe,” one person wrote.

Another fan called Ana a “goddess.”

“Beautiful body,” a third follower remarked.

“You are seriously the finest looking girl in the world,” quipped a fourth admirer.

Fans wanting to see more of Ana’s incredible figure did not have to scroll far down her feed. Another recent snap shared over the weekend saw her lounging outside again, this time in a full white bikini set that did nothing but favors for her gym-honed physique. That post proved popular as well, earning over 269,000 likes and 2,125 comments to date.