Fitness Model Hanna Oberg Demonstrates Lower Body Exercises From Her New Workout Guide

Hanna ObergInstagram

Hanna Oberg recently released her new workout guide that features a variety of exercises using dumbbells for resistance. She took to social media platform Instagram on Tuesday to give her 1.8 million followers a sneak peek of the lower body training portion of the guide.

For the workout, the fitness model showed off her killer physique in an all-black outfit that consisted of a sports bra and leggings. The bra included several straps that crisscrossed along the upper back and left a gap of toned tummy exposed. The leggings included a thick waistband and extended down to her ankles, following the contour of her sculpted backside, thighs, and calves. Hanna added a pair of white sneakers to complete the outfit.

The fitness trainer wore her wavy, brunette tresses up in a ponytail to keep her hair out of her face during the workout. She let a few strands hang loose and frame her face. Hanna appeared to add a touch of eye makeup and lip gloss to complete the sporty look.

The lower body workout consisted of five exercises, each featured in an individual video clip in the post. Hanna performed the exercises in a sunny open space with wood flooring and used a single pair of dumbbells for equipment.

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TRY A LOWER BODY session from my new guide Stay active at home! Eeeeek the NEW GUIDE is LIVE‼️ - Dumbbells only Guide I hope I can help you stay both active AND motivated with this! It’s a beautiful Monday to train some legs and booty don’t you agree!?!! ???? Here to give you a lil sneak peek of what this guide is alllll about. 2 lower body days and 2 upper body days /w, using only dumbbells. Perfect for home training OR gym (when we’re all back to normal) Thank you for trusting me in this and letting me help you! LET’S GET SWEATY ???? METHOD: 1️⃣ DB Sumo squats | 4set x 15reps 2️⃣ DB Backward lunges alternating | 4set x 10reps each leg (20total) 3️⃣ DB Single stiff leg DL | 5set x 12reps each leg 4️⃣ DB Frog pumps | 5set x 15reps 5️⃣ DB walking lunges | 4set x 12reps IF you LIKE this workout.. remember to show support and leave a LIKE ???? for your girl thank you Link into bio @hannaoeberg for more info about the new guide ????Eleven - khalid ❇️ Spotify: haoberg

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The first exercise in the routine was the sumo squat. Hanna squatted low to the ground while holding two dumbbells in front of her, showing off her toned booty. The second exercise was alternating backward lunges. Hanna held one dumbbell in each hand and let her arms hang loose as she performed each lunge.

In the third video, Hanna showed her followers how to do single stiff leg DLs, using the wall for extra support. The fourth exercise was frog pumps, a move carried out from the floor, while the final exercise was walking lunges.

In the caption of the post, Hanna expressed her excitement about the release of her new guide, explaining that the program included two upper-body days and two lower-body days using only dumbbells. The workout could be completed at home or at the gym. The model added that she hoped to keep fans both active and motivated with her guide. Hanna ended the caption with a list of the exercises performed in the videos and the number of sets and reps her followers should do for each.

The post proved popular among Hanna’s large fanbase, boasting over 30,000 likes and a couple hundred comments within the first day.