Iskra Lawrence Shares Underwear Photo Two Weeks After Giving Birth: 'This Is My Current Reality'

Iskra Lawrence got very candid on Instagram this week as she shared stunning a new photo of herself in her underwear while holding her newborn baby a mere two weeks after giving birth. The gorgeous plus-size model and proud new mom posted the shot for her 4.6 million followers, alongside an older photo of herself in a bright neon pink lingerie set while nine months pregnant, as she opened up about her postpartum journey.

The snap on the left featured Iskra cuddling up to her baby, who's she's been referring to on social media as Baby P as she's yet to confirm their full name or sex. The body-positive British star wore a pair of large nude briefs on her bottom half that pulled up in line with her bellybutton.

On her top half, she rocked a plunging plain black crop-top and wrapped herself up in a white robe that remained open to reveal her postpartum tummy.

Iskra ditched the makeup for the new snap as she let her obvious natural beauty do all the talking. Her long, blond hair was left straight as it flowed down her back while her skin glowed.

In the photo on the right, which pictured her shortly before giving birth to her first child, Iskra had her locks curled and a full face of makeup as she proudly showed off her baby bump in a bright and lacy underwear set that revealed plenty of cleavage.

The 29-year-old, who kept her fans updated with her pregnancy with several bump photos, told her followers in the caption that she decided to share the side-by-side photos to give them a peek inside her new reality as a mom after welcoming her baby with her boyfriend, songwriter Philip Payne, on April 16.

Iskra shared that she wanted to be honest and real with her fans about what she's been going through recently, and she called the past few weeks since becoming a mom "the most challenging" of her life.

She opened up about her baby's struggle with colic and added that she wanted to show her true current reality, which involves only washing her hair once a week and still wearing what she described as her "adult diapers."

Iskra, who treated fans to a number of lingerie shots during her pregnancy, also said that she's managed to work out three times, but she admitted that she's struggled to keep up with contacting friends who have been hoping to chat and virtually meet the newborn.

The star shared that she didn't just want her social media to be a "highlight reel" that only shows the happy moments when she's been struggling more behind the scenes.

Iskra added that she wanted her vulnerability to serve as an inspiration to others to "know it's ok to not be ok."