Krissy Cela Rocks Black Crop Top And Leggings For New ‘Cardio Shredder’ Workout Video

Krissy Cela Instagram

Krissy Cela added a new heart-pumping workout routine to her Instagram page on Tuesday. As a nod to its intensity, she called the five-exercise sequence the “Cardio Shredder.”

Dressed in a black crop top and matching leggings, the British fitness trainer started the circuit with a set of jumping squats. For this exercise, she launched herself into the air and bent her knees low each time she landed.

Next, she completed a series of jumping lunges. Starting with one foot in front of the other and her knees bent low, she jumped to switch the position of both legs, while raising and lowering her arms.

She tackled jumping squats again in the third clip of the series. This time, she added a twist and turned her body as she did them so that she faced the wall after each jump.

Narrow to wide jumping squats followed. For these, Krissy started with her knees bent and her feet spread apart. Then she jumped and brought her feet close before she landed, alternating between a close and wide stance with each jump.

Then, in the fifth and final video of the series, she assumed a wide-legged stance and bent her knees for a set of punch-outs. This required her to perform a set of forward punches, turning her torso from side to side during each repetition.

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⭐️ BRAND NEW CARDIO CHALLENGES! LIKE / SAVE FOR LATER! 20 brand new workouts have been added to the @toneandsculptapp ❗️❗️???????? which are ALL body weight exercises and workouts you can do at home. We have also included a brand new “cardio challenge” section which includes this little number the CARDIO SHREDDER! Oh my god do not hate me after this one lolol METHOD: 1️⃣ JUMPING SQUATS: 25 Reps 4 Sets 2️⃣ JUMPING LUNGES: 25 Reps 4 Sets 3️⃣ 180 DEGREE JUMPING SQUATS: 25 Reps 4 Sets 4️⃣ NARROW TO WIDE SQUATS: 25 Reps 4 Sets 5️⃣ PUNCH OUTS: 25 Reps 4 Sets You need to perform each exercise one after the other with little to no rest, Rest for 2 minutes and repeat 3 more times! Who’s giving this ago ????

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In her caption, Krissy recommended doing each exercise for four sets of 25 reps. She also wrote that the moves should be done one after the other without resting between sets, and she suggested a two-minute rest in between rounds.

The post has been liked more than 40,000 times as of this writing, and close to 500 Instagram users have commented on it. In those comments, some of Krissy’s fans seemed eager to give the workout a try.

“Tomorrow’s workout sorted,” one person wrote before adding a fire emoji to their comment. “Thank you, Krissy!!”

“This looks like a killer???????? can’t wait to give it a go!” a second Instagram user added.

“Gotta love a good cardio session from the queen herself,” a third commenter remarked.

Amid all of the excitement expressed about the video, some fans had questions. One asked about alternate workout options that don’t require jumping.

“Jump squats (and also jump alternate lunges) hurt my knees/hips a good amount bc I have some old dance injuries,” they wrote. “Are there any good alternatives that work the same muscles well enough?? @krissycela.”

The Instagram account for Krissy’s Tone and Sculpt Fitness app suggested they could try the standard versions of the lunges and squats.