‘Fear The Walking Dead’: Season 6 Will Be Like An Anthology


As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Season 6 of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead now looks set to premiere later in the year after the advent of the current coronavirus pandemic threw production schedules into disarray. However, what can viewers expect with the upcoming season?

According to NME, a crew member has claimed that Season 6 of Fear the Walking Dead will play out more like an anthology than a continuous story as done in previous years.

“The beginning of the season becomes somewhat of an anthology,” director of photography Andrew Strahorn said.

Season 5 of the hit zombie apocalypse TV series saw the main group split up after coming up against the Pioneers. This large group had settlements across the area and forced the main group’s hand by putting them in a situation in which they had no option but to accept their help. While the Pioneers do seem intent on helping others, there is an undercurrent of unease and potentially hidden danger lurking within the group. How the characters perceive this larger group will be explored further in Season 6.

“Each character has their own perspective with regards to the way they saw their involvement within the world and within each other’s lives [as well as] the dynamic between the relationships good and bad,” Strahorn continued.

Strahorn also teased that the upcoming season of Fear the Walking Dead could see an “evolution” of current storylines that will lead to a much darker tone.

“There’s definitely a progression of not only subject matter but tone. It’s a lot more, I would say, to the forefront with the sense of loss and people choosing sides and where they stand going forward in this new world that they’re trying to survive as best as they can.”

It was anticipated that Season 6 would air after the premiere of AMC’s latest Walking Dead series, The Walking Dead: World Beyond. However, with social distancing rules being enforced earlier in the year, production halted on all of the network’s series. This led to the final episode of Season 10 of The Walking Dead being delayed as post-production work was not yet completed. It also led to the delay of the World Beyond premiere; this will now also air in the fall.

The premiere date of Season 6 of Fear had not been announced but it was anticipated by viewers that it would air after World Beyond. Now, with the recent announcements from AMC, it looks likely this will still happen, albeit at a later date in 2020.