May 6, 2020
Duane 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' Chapman Had Cancer Surgery, Says Depression Over It Led To Meeting New Fiancee

Duane Chapman, also known as "Dog the Bounty Hunter," is opening up about meeting his new fiancee, Francie Frane. In a new interview, he shared for the first time publicly that his first meeting with Francie came after a surgery he had to remove newly-found cancer. Chances are his story will give many fans chills.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Duane and Francie had gotten engaged already. They started dating earlier this year, and this engagement comes less than a year after his fifth wife, Beth Chapman, passed away. Now, Duane is sharing some information on how this relationship came together and progressed so quickly.

In an interview with The Sun, Duane says that a few months ago, he went through a four-hour surgery to remove cancer that doctors had found. The procedure -- along with everything else he'd been through since Beth's death -- prompted him to become overwhelmed and fall apart.

Duane prayed and asked for a new partner and soon after that, he met Francie.

This is the first time that Duane has revealed he had received a cancer diagnosis and gone through this surgery. He revealed that he had a sore on his head that he had his doctor check out, and he soon got a call that it was cancerous. The doctor said that he needed to have an operation to remove it immediately, and soon, the four-hour procedure took place.

Ultimately, the doctors determined that Duane didn't have the especially aggressive type of cancer they initially suspected. Regardless, he had one area removed from his forehead and another from his nose, leaving him with 18 stitches in total.

The star of Dog the Bounty Hunter and Dog's Most Wanted had trouble finding his car after the surgery and he became overwhelmed as he tried to drive home in the snow. He says he felt very alone and depressed, and he found a spot to park and reached out to have a conversation with God.

"So I said 'I've got to have somebody Lord, Beth is up there partying in Heaven and I'm down here balling [sic] my eyes out here every single day. Lord I need more," Duane recalled of that difficult moment.

Shortly after that stop, Duane received a text from Francie, who had lost her husband to cancer just six months before Beth died. Duane had left a phone message for her husband Bob to have some excavating work done, and they began to connect when she told him that her husband has passed away.

Francie and Duane had started to get to talk to one another prior to this particular day. However, it seems that it was this talk with God -- and the text he received from her shortly after -- that prompted him to ask her to meet him for coffee and meet in-person for the first time.

Despite insisting it wasn't a date, as he didn't want to be perceived as someone hitting on a widow, Duane met with Francie and things progressed quickly from there. He noted that he and Francie have been quarantining together at his home due to the coronavirus concerns, and their quarantine started shortly after they initially met.

"Good things come out of a curve - where else would you get engaged and then be together all day and all night? And if you go anywhere you could get arrested?" Duane asked, discussing the unusual situation.

The quick engagement has sparked criticism from some Dog the Bounty Hunter fans. However, many who loved Beth and Duane together say they are happy that he's found love again, and they'll be anxious to follow this love story as it progresses.