May 6, 2020
Rachel Cook Teases Her Fans With A Risque Nude Snap

Former Playboy model Rachel Cook is turning up the heat with a sultry snap on her Instagram page. She used this photo to promote her online magazine that is about to drop a new issue. By the looks of things, her millions of followers were practically salivating over this latest upload and will be anxious to see more.

The new Instagram post that Rachel shared on Tuesday evening includes a photo of the model posing nude. This appears to be an image from a shoot she did some time ago and she has shared others from that excursion. However, it does look like this particular pose is being shared for the first time.

For this fresh snap, Rachel is lying on her stomach, one arm bent in front of her. She is resting her head lightly against her other hand, and her baby blue eyes are gazing slightly to the side and past the photographer.

This photo shows Rachel with long hair, a big change from her current pixie style. Her long brunette locks hang over her shoulders and are held back from her face by a black headband. She appears to be wearing a nude or light pink lip color and nail color.

Rachel seems to be propping herself up on her elbow just enough to reveal one of her bare breasts. For the sake of sharing this photo on Instagram, she added some graphics to cover her nipple. She is arching her back slightly, and the curve of her hips and pert derriere can be seen at the edge of the picture.

In her caption, Rachel noted that the third issue of her online magazine includes a number of previously unreleased photos from a shoot done in Mexico. It seems that the full image of this sultry pose is likely one that fans can see by joining her Nirvana Patreon.

Within just one hour, nearly 75,000 of Rachel's 2.6 million Instagram followers had liked this photo. In addition, almost 600 people commented with praise for the sexy upload.

"Look I traveled the earth, but when I see you I want to go to your planet," wrote one admirer.

"Most perfect human being ever not joke," declared a fan.

"Literally my all time fav post notification," shared someone else.

"Are you kidding me with this shot!!!!!!!!!" detailed another follower.

Rachel loves to mix it up when it comes to the photos she shares on social media. One day, she can be wearing a formfitting mini dress and cowboy boots to drive her fans wild, and another day it's a jaw-dropping nude snap like this one. Regardless of how she is dressed, or not dressed as is the case in this post, her millions of followers are almost always left wanting more.