Vicky Aisha Shows Off Her Impressive Bust In A Hot Pink Bodysuit

Vicky AishaInstagram

Curvy bombshell Vicky Aisha brightened up her fans’ week by sharing a provocative pic of herself rocking a hot pink bodysuit. She uploaded the sexy snap to her Instagram page, and her 2.2 million followers instantly flocked to her comments section to show their appreciation.

The 28-year-old flaunted her curvy figure in the formfitting ensemble covered in mesh-like holes and cutouts. Her one-piece revealed lots of skin, including between her breasts and along her shapely hips.

Vicky parted her crimped platinum blond hair down the center and expertly applied a full face of makeup. She used pink lipstick and lip gloss to enhance her plump pout. On her eyes, Vicky blended various shades of white and rose pink eyeshadow to create a soft glam look. Mascara was the finishing touch, along with defined eyebrows.

She accessorized with pink earrings in the shape of lightning bolts that matched the color of her outfit, and a small silver nose ring.

The photograph showed the model posing in front of a black backdrop — her hot pink outfit looked especially vibrant in contrast. She faced the camera and cocked her hip to the side while putting her hand behind her head to showcase her many arm tattoos.

Vicky’s opposite hand rested by her side and fell out of frame. She did not indicate where the photo was taken. Instead, she used Instagram’s geotag function to guide her fans to the link in her bio.

In her caption, Vicky asked her followers if they had any new photo shoot ideas.

The model’s devoted admirers took to her comments section to suggest a few unique concepts for future photographs.

“Something based off your likes or hobbies, that way you provide a shoot, and the audience gets to know you better, the ol’ 2 in 1,” advocated one person.

“Possibly Greek mythology themed photo shoot,” said another user.

“So what about doing classic pin-up girl shoots and callenders [sic] with your own unique take in both b&w and color,” input a third fan.

“Body paint the blue alien chic from ‘avatar,’” chimed in a fourth admirer.

Other social media users complimented Vicky’s appearance, with some people inserting a bunch of emoji to express themselves in place of text. A lucky few even received responses from the stunner.

Yesterday, Vicky celebrated Star Wars Day by dressing up in a replica of Princess Leia’s infamous gold bikini. Her fans went wild over the sexy snaps, and that post racked up more than 51,000 likes.