Instagram Model Caroline O'Mahony Sizzles In Tight Teal Outfit For Quarantine Workout Routine

Instagram model Caroline O'Mahony showed off her fit figure in a tight teal outfit as she demonstrated several exercises in her latest post. She performed four different at-home exercises and uploaded them as instructional videos for followers to do during the quarantine.

The social media influencer is well-known for posting workout videos on YouTube and Instagram. For her most recent update, she focused on exercises that could be performed by people stuck at home due to the coronavirus outbreak. For the videos, O'Mahony wore a pair of teal leggings that accentuated her sculpted thighs and curvy backside with a matching tight-fitting top. She had her long dark hair in a French braid and wore white sneakers and a black fitness watch to complete the ensemble.

In the first clip, the 22-year-old was filmed just outside the kitchen inside her apartment. The camera captured her from the back with her body slightly turned to the side so followers could see the impact the exercise had on her lower body. O'Mahony jumped with her arms spread to her side and landed in a squat with each repetition. Drake's "Life Is Good" song played over the clip.

As mentioned in the fitness model's caption, this was part of a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. O'Mahony was down in a push-up position for the second video. This offered fans a view of her curvy backside as she was filmed from the side. She balanced her weight on her left arm and touched her left shoulder by using her free arm and then alternated arms. Her legs swayed from side-to-side as she switched arms for the exercise.

The Irish model was shot from the same position in the third video. She started off in a push-up position again but used her arms to crawl back until she reached her feet and then lifted her body upright. In the final clip, O'Mahony was crouched with her left leg in front and her right leg behind her. She did two squats in this pose and then jumped to alternate the position of her legs.

O'Mahony's fans appreciated the post and more than 16,000 of her 664,000 followers hit the "like" button. She received over 130 comments on the instructional upload with multiple fans complimenting her fitness level and her attire.

"Omg caroline doing HIIT?!?!?! Bye i am here for it," YouTube star Gabby Sheyen wrote.

"PLEASE DO MORE OF THESE," one follower requested.

"Absolute fire Caroline - keep killing the workouts," a fan wrote with a heart-eye emoji.

"Ummmm those workouts are bomb and all but can you let us know the shoe name too?!?!" another follower asked.