Suzy Cortez Flaunts Her Killer Figure In White Sports Bra & Tiny Shorts

Suzy CortezInstagram

Suzy Cortez drove her 2.2 million Instagram followers wild on Tuesday afternoon with a sexy post that saw her wearing a gray Calvin Klein sports bra and tiny denim shorts.

The form-fitting top hugged Suzy’s breasts, pushing them together to accentuate her cleavage. The sports bra also allowed her to showcase her muscular arms and shoulders, along with her several of her tattoos.

Not only were her shorts skimpy, but Suzy left them unbuttoned to reveal a hint of her pelvic region and her entire toned midriff. The high cut exposed her thighs and part of her famous booty. It appeared that the Miss BumBum World winner had used some oil on her leg to create a shine that would attract the attention of her devoted fans. She bent her knee and propped her foot on the glass behind her, accentuating the natural curviness of her butt.

The smoldering photograph captured Suzy standing on a balcony overlooking several buildings and trees. The model leaned her backside against the partially open sliding glass door. She was photographed from the side, with her head angled toward the camera.

Parting her lips, Suzy made a coy facial expression. She did not use Instagram’s geotag feature to indicate her location, but it looked like she posed for the photograph inside of a hotel room or apartment complex. Her booty pressed up against the glass, barely covered by her minuscule bottoms.

It appeared that the model dabbed some pink lipstick on her plump lips for the pic. She seemingly used mascara and eyeliner on her almond-shaped eyes. Suzy ran her right hand through her long, curly brown locks while her left hand angled upward, supporting her standing position.

The upload earned over 1,800 likes in less than 30 minutes of going live. Fans poured into Suzy’s comments section to tell her how incredible she looked. Many users could not think of the right words to describe her appearance and opted to use emoji to express themselves instead.

“Very beautiful body,” raved one fan.

Shortly after sharing her sexy picture, Suzy uploaded another snap that may have been from the same shoot, though it appears to have been deleted. In her second photo, she turned around to lean on the balcony railing and showed her derriere to the camera. Her shorts rode up her backside, giving her admirers plenty to ogle.

Earlier today, Suzy shared a jaw-dropping photo of herself in a provocative pose as she exhibited her rear end while clad in nothing but a thong.