May 5, 2020
Wednesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Robert Blasts Peter As He Struggles Over The Loss Of Holly

Wednesday's episode of General Hospital will bring another tense encounter involving Robert Scorpio and Peter August. The two men tolerated one another at Violet's recent birthday party, but a peace treaty between them was never going to last for long. Spoilers tease that they will cross paths again during the May 6 show, and it looks like Robert won't try to hide his distaste for Peter.

During Violet's birthday party at Anna and Finn's house, Robert tried to play nice with Peter. This may have pleased Anna, who is constantly torn between her alliances to the two men, but Peter remained suspicious of Robert.

He was right to be doubtful, of course. Robert later slipped out of the party to do some snooping and he even discussed the opportunity to join forces with Spinelli.

Soap Central notes that Robert will run into Peter at the Floating Rib, and it seems that this is coming with the next show. The preview signals that he will be sitting at a table there by himself when Maxie and Peter come in together.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Robert will be unable to hold his tongue and will cause a bit of a scene. He apparently says something about not needing Peter and tells him to get out, and both Maxie and her beau look a bit stunned by this outburst.

It seems that Robert will be drowning his sorrows with some beers at the Floating Rib before Maxie and Peter run into him. He has been told that his ex-wife Holly has died, and fans know that this was orchestrated by Peter.

Plenty of viewers suspect that Holly isn't actually dead, but that Peter made it seem she is in order to distract Robert. Whether she is or isn't dead, Robert will be struggling and grieving over believing she is gone.

While Peter may have to feign concern or anger over Robert's outburst, he probably will be pleased to see the toll this Holly news is taking on his nemesis.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Robert will struggle over this situation for a while, soon leaning on Laura as he tries to cope with Holly's death. However, it isn't out of the realm of possibilities to think that Peter's scheme to distract Robert might ultimately come back to bite him.

At some point, Robert will refocus on trying to bust Peter. His determination will surely intensify when and if he catches a whiff of Peter's connection to Holly's death.

The buzz is that this situation will continue to morph throughout the summer. In fact, Anna will soon uncover something new in a WSB file, and that seems likely to be connected to all of this. General Hospital spoilers hint that the payoff will be big once Peter finally runs out of options, but fans will have to hang tight and keep waiting for now.