May 5, 2020
'Grocery Store Joe' Amabile & Kendall Long Spark Reunion Rumors Months After 'Bachelor In Paradise' Pair Split

Could former Bachelor in Paradise lovebirds Kendall Long and "Grocery Store Joe" Amabile be giving their romance another try? That is what some fans are speculating after a couple of recent social media posts from the duo.

Us Weekly shared the scoop about how Joe and Kendall generated buzz over the possibility that they were spending time together again.

Apparently, Joe and Kendall both posted about eating sushi via their Instagram stories last Sunday. As soon as Bachelor in Paradise fans noticed how similar their shots were, he supposedly deleted his story.

The snaps of the Sunday sushi that a Bachelor fan Instagram account put side-by-side do look like they certainly could have been taken of the same delivery. Not only that, but it also seems that Joe and Kendall posted them at about the same time as one another.

Granted, the two screengrabs are different enough to ensure fans can't know for certain if Kendall and Joe were together or not.

However, another sign popped up, lending credence to this reunion theory. Some people noticed that both Kendall and Joe's Venmo pages are still public. It just so happens that he sent a payment to Kendall Sunday evening and noted that it was for sushi.

Sasha Farber, a pro dancer on Dancing with the Stars who grew close to both of them, asked Joe in a comment under his Venmo payment which sushi placed the had ordered from. However, neither Joe or Kendall appears to have replied to him.

Granted, some Bachelor in Paradise fans could wonder if these pages and the transaction are legitimate. However, the Venmo pages show frequent transactions between Joe and Kendall up until the announcement of their split in January, with no other transactions between them until this past Sunday.

What does it all mean? Neither Joe or Kendall has posted anything more definitive about being together, so fans are left to speculate for now. If they were together over the weekend, it could just be as friends. It's also possible that perhaps Joe had an engagement of some sort that required his presence in Los Angeles and he decided to catch up with Kendall while there.

For now, it looks like Bachelor in Paradise fans will be left waiting and wondering. Kendall previously indicated that Joe's desire to be near his family in Chicago and her desire to stay near hers in Los Angeles was the central issue that caused the split. However, fans wonder if spending a few months apart -- and now navigating the coronavirus situation -- might have the two reconsidering that decision to split.