Sommer Ray Gets Her Art On While Showing Off Stunning Figure

Gustavo CaballeroGetty Images

Sommer Ray took to Instagram on Tuesday afternoon to let her fans know that the coronavirus outbreak can be both scary and boring for her, just like anyone else. The model posted a series of pictures and told her nearly 25 million followers she’s been passing the time in quarantine by getting her “art on.”

Along with the comment, she posted several new pictures illustrating what she was talking about. In the photos, she started off a bit more conservative clothing than some of her other shoots. Ray wore a pair of blue overalls covering what looked to be a floral print string bikini top. She also had her golden brown locks tied in a bun, in a style familiar to those who follow her on her social media page. This time, she used a bandana with a print that matched her top to keep her hair out of her eyes.

The second photo showed a smiling Ray posed next to a paint palette and brush. The model’s overalls were undone slightly, allowing one of the top straps to hang down, showing more of her bikini while allowing peek at her toned tummy.

Other pictures showed Ray brandishing her paintbrush, smiling, and laughing at the camera as she pretended she was going to dust the lens with some orange paint. Still, another pic showed her getting down to business, mixing and stirring the paint.

Near the end of the series, Ray stood up and leaned against the wall, showing her back to the camera as both straps on the overalls had been unfastened. Only the floral bikini top covered of her tanned skin.

The final shot in the set was taken from behind her as well, though one of the overall straps was fastened again and she looked back at the camera over her right shoulder.

Some of Ray’s followers were excited to see yet another series of shots from the popular model, while others wanted to engage in a conversation about how they had been using their time while stuck in quarantine.

One user had a suggestion for what kind of art Ray should try next saying, “pour painting! You should try it!”

“I’ve been learning guitar again.” Another commented, talking about what they were passing time doing.

A third user caught on to the fact Ray might not have really plunged herself into any kind of art but merely used the setting as a backdrop for the photos. “Im like waiting to see what she painted & then realized it was just a photoshoot,” they posted.