May 5, 2020
Spoilers For 'General Hospital' Reveal That Franco Will Be Ava's Target As She Explodes

Ava Jerome is going to lash out at one of her only friends and allies during Tuesday's episode of General Hospital. Spoilers tease that this will come as Ava and Franco continue their conversation at Wyndemere, and it looks like this will get rather intense.

Toward the end of Monday's show, Franco arrived at Wyndemere to prepare for the unveiling of the portrait he painted of Ava. The two were coming off verbal spats with their significant others and these fights are clearly impacting how they are acting toward one another.

When Franco first saw Ava at Wyndemere during Monday's show, he could tell she was upset. She was resistant to opening up to him, so he told her he needed a hug as a way to give her some support.

Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers suggest that she'll take advantage of her long-running relationship with Franco and use him as something of a punching bag. The preview for Tuesday's show shared on Twitter indicates that Ava will do her best to push him away, knowing exactly how to hurt him.

Ava will scream at a stunned Franco and tell him to go back to being the crazed psychopath he used to be. As viewers know, this very piece of his history is what prompted the fight he had with Elizabeth, so he may not find himself able to take this attack from Ava in stride.

Franco probably will figure out that Ava is saying these ugly things because of whatever upset her before he arrived at Wyndemere. Nikolas was stunned when she said she'd give him a divorce so he could reunite with Spencer, but that she'd still hold him to their prenuptial agreement.

The conversation got ugly between Nikolas and Ava, with him saying hurtful things about her connections to Kiki and Avery. This pushed her to this point where Franco finds her, and it appears that she's trying to hurt him as much as she can since he's the only outlet she has at the moment.

Ultimately, Franco may take these hits from Ava and do his best to brush them off. According to Soap Central, he will be a friend to Ava this week -- a teaser that would seem to signal that he doesn't hold this outburst against her for long, if at all.

As Franco is facing Ava's wrath at Wyndemere, spoilers indicate that Nikolas will be telling Elizabeth about these developments. Elizabeth won't necessarily react the way he expects, though.

All signs point toward the drama involving Ava and Nikolas continuing for a bit, and they will continue to lean on both Franco and Elizabeth. Luckily, Liz and Franco will seemingly be able to put this recent argument behind them and General Hospital spoilers hint that they'll catch onto Ava and Nik's schemes soon.