May 5, 2020
Nick Cordero Is Opening His Eyes, But He Still Has A Long Way To Go In Winning His Coronavirus Battle

Actor Nick Cordero is making some important progress in his battle against the coronavirus. His wife Amanda Kloots shared via her Instagram stories that he has started to open his eyes a bit, but that doesn't mean he's out of the woods yet.

On Monday, Amanda shared a few updates on Nick's condition and she had some exciting developments to share. Just a few days ago, Nick was given a tracheostomy tube and it does sound as if this is making a significant difference in the actor's progress.

One specific detail that Nick's supporters will be glad to hear is that he has been opening his eyes here and there. Unfortunately, Amanda said, he isn't really connecting to anybody or anything when he does open his eyes. Despite that, it certainly sounds like a big step forward.

Amanda noted that the doctors are anxious to see Nick start to follow commands. So far, he isn't doing that, but she said they are trying to get him to do things like look left or look right when asked to do so.

In the meantime, Nick continues to be in recovery and he's doing well considering all he has been through. Amanda noted that the numbers on his machines have all been going down in good ways and everybody is just waiting for him to wake up. She added that the doctors continue to hope and pray for him to make this important leap forward in conquering this illness.

As she waits, Amanda shared on Instagram that she has been wearing a lot of Nick's clothes. A few days ago, she picked up Nick's personal effects from Cedars-Sinai where he's been for the past month and she shared at that point she immediately started wearing a necklace and pinky ring her husband treasures.

Amanda has also been sharing a lot of the tributes she sees people making for Nick across Instagram and one of the latest was from musician Linda Perry. Amanda shared a video Linda made for Nick and said he would go crazy over it when he had a chance to see it. Linda talked about having met Nick before and said they have some writing to do together.

Despite the intensely difficult battle this has been for Nick and his family, Amanda has remained positive and determined throughout her frequent updates. She has said she "visits" Nick daily, standing outside Cedars-Sinai since she can't go inside, and she shares updates with her followers nearly every day as well. The family clearly has a lot of people rooting for Nick to come out of his coma and get home to his wife and son, and everybody is hoping that Amanda can soon share news signaling that's on the horizon.