Donald Trump Claims Democrats ‘Want Us To Fail’ On Coronavirus Reopening

Chip SomodevillaGetty Images

On Tuesday, President Donald Trump went to Arizona to tour a Honeywell mask-making facility in Phoenix. Ahead of his trip, he made several remarks and took questions from reporters. One of the things he said was that he believes Democrats want his administration to fail as it reopens the United States amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump’s campaign account tweeted a clip from Fox News that showed him speaking about the U.S. House of Representatives and claiming that Democrats have made him look bad.

“The House, they should be ashamed of themselves, and frankly, the Democrats should be ashamed because they don’t want us to succeed. They want us to fail so they can win an election, which they’re not gonna win,” the president said.

“Think of it. They do everything they can to make things as bad as possible, and right now, the stock market’s way up. Everybody’s excited. They’re going back to work, safely, but they’re going back to work. We’re opening up our country again, and this is what we’re doing. I’ll tell you, the whole world is excited. Watching us because we’re leading the world.”

Trump also said that China should have admitted there was a problem with the novel coronavirus sooner than it did, seemingly trying to blame the country for what happened in the U.S.

The clip received more than 4,000 retweets and almost 14,000 likes on Twitter. Many accounts responded, and some praised the president while others disparaged the job he’s done leading the U.S. through the COVID-19 pandemic. Some people claimed that Democrats did not have to hope that Trump failed because he already had.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters pledged to vote for him in November 2020 and urged him to continue on the path he’s created.

During his remarks to reporters, Trump did not, however, provide any proof to his claims that Democrats want his administration to fail in its effort to combat the novel coronavirus. COVID-19 has left more than 1 million Americans ill and nearly 70,000 dead since late February when the first deaths occurred, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The Inquisitr reported that Trump also said that he didn’t want Dr. Anthony Fauci, a prominent member of his coronavirus task force, to testify in front of the House of Representatives. The president said the Democrat-controlled part of Congress hates him and is trying to set him up with the hearings. Fauci is scheduled to testify in front of a Senate committee in mid-May.