May 5, 2020
NBA Rumors: Pacers Could Trade Myles Turner And Malcolm Brogdon For Bradley Beal, Per 'Bleacher Report'

Since the 2019 NBA offseason, rumors have been continuously swirling around All-Star shooting guard Bradley Beal and his future with the Washington Wizards. Despite inking a contract extension with the Wizards, most people still expect Beal to be one of the hottest commodities on the trade market this summer. In his recent article, Preston Ellis of Bleacher Report created a list of blockbuster trade offers for the NBA's top star.

In a deal involving Beal, Ellis suggested the Indiana Pacers as a potential trade partner for the Wizards. The Bleacher Report's proposal sees the Pacers sending a package that includes Myles Turner and Malcolm Brogdon to the Wizards in exchange for Beal and Thomas Bryant. The deal works on ESPN's NBA Trade Machine.

If the trade becomes a reality, it would benefit both the Pacers and the Wizards. For Washington, the potential deal would help them remain competitive in the Eastern Conference. Turner would give the team a major frontcourt upgrade, while Brogdon could replace Beal as John Wall's new backcourt partner.

"Myles Turner led the league in blocks in 2018-19, while Malcolm Brogdon is one of only 10 qualified players in league history to shoot 50 percent from the field, 40 percent from deep and 90 percent from the charity stripe over an entire season. Both players are also on guaranteed contracts through 2022-23."
Meanwhile, the Pacers may have originally considered Turner as one of the NBA players who could bring them back to title contention, but with the emergence of Domantas Sabonis in the 2019-20 season, Ellis believes the former No. 11 overall pick is now "expendable" in Indiana. Trading Turner to the Wizards would not only address the logjam in the Pacers' frontcourt, it would also enable them to add an All-Star caliber player on their roster.
As Ellis noted, Beal could form one of the NBA's most devastating backcourts with Victor Oladipo in Indiana. He isn't expected to have a hard time building chemistry with Oladipo. In the years he spent with Wall in Washington, Beal has learned how to efficiently play alongside a ball-dominant guard like Oladipo.

Meanwhile -- though he's just a salary-cap filler -- Bryant would still be an intriguing addition to the Pacers' frontcourt. He would give the team a younger and cheaper replacement for Turner. He could serve as the primary backup for Sabonis or as his frontcourt partner when the Pacers need someone to defend dominant big men from opposing teams.