Bruce Willis Reunites With Wife Emma Heming After Social Distancing With Demi Moore

Bruce Willis finally reunited with his wife of over a decade, Emma Heming, after spending the last month social distancing with his ex Demi Moore and their daughters in Idaho.

Many people across the country are cooped up at home, distancing themselves from others as the coronavirus continues to take thousands of lives.

According to E! News, Heming posted her and Willis' reunion on her Instagram stories Monday. The model shared footage of her and Willis riding around on an ATV with big smiles. She also shared photos of her husband pushing one of their two daughters on a swing. Another shot shows him carrying their daughter on his shoulders as they walk alongside a creek. The couple seemed to be distancing in the countryside.

Fans wondered why Willis was isolating with Moore and his older daughters at first. His daughter Scout Willis explained on the Dopey podcast that Heming was supposed to join them in Idaho, but one of their young daughters accidentally poked her foot with a needle in a park. She decided to stay in Los Angeles to await the test results, while Willis decided to go up ahead of time, figuring his wife and daughters would meet him.

When Heming attempted to come, "travel got crazy," according to Scout, so she just stayed in California.

Moore posted numerous snaps of her and Willis, their daughters, and their boyfriends dressed in matching green-striped onesies. One photo she posted shows the family all sitting around each other flashing big smiles. Willis held a life-size spoon, while Tallulah Willis, Scout, and Moore are surrounded by a number of small puppies.

She captioned the photo "family bonding," indicating that the time with each other did them some good. Heming left a comment surrounded by green hearts.

"At its finest," Heming wrote. "Love and miss you guys."

That photo received over 212,000 likes and close to 3,000 comments from fans sending well-wishes.

"Omg this is the best thing I've seen this whole quarantine!" one follower wrote.

"Yall have Got to have one of the best families ever! To see you all bond after all this time, trials, lessons, and blessings! I adore it and so many should take a lesson," expressed another social media user.

It is unclear if Heming and her daughters joined the rest of the family in Idaho, or if Willis returned to California. Wherever they are, it seems the couple reunited just in time to celebrate their daughter Evelyn's 6th birthday on May 5.