May 5, 2020
'General Hospital' Tuesday Spoilers: Elizabeth Encourages Nikolas

Nikolas Cassadine will be getting some support from Elizabeth Webber Baldwin during Tuesday's episode of General Hospital. Spoilers indicate that Nik will talk with Liz about the Spencer situation, and she will see this from a different perspective than he has.

The sneak peek for Tuesday's show posted on Twitter shows Liz and Nik talking at GH. When Nikolas arrived there during Monday's show, he caught Elizabeth during a rocky moment. She had just had a troubling conversation with Franco, and Ava's invitation to the portrait unveiling had sparked it.

When Nikolas shares the details of Spencer's letter with Elizabeth, she will provide him a different perspective than the one he's focused on at this point. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek indicate that she will tell him that this is a "get out of jail free card."

It appears that Liz will tell Nik that the "condition" he has to meet in order to get out of his marriage to Ava isn't the burden he claims it is. She will practically laugh as she seemingly takes the position that meeting Ava's terms is a small price to pay for getting Spencer back in his life and getting out of his marriage with Ava at the same time.

It looks like Nikolas is having a hard time finding much support for his take on this dilemma. He doesn't exactly have many allies at this point given how he lied to everybody about being dead for the past three years. He desperately wants to smooth things over with Spencer, but the idea of giving up 90 percent of his Cassadine fortune to Ava in order to get out of his marriage is holding him back.

Granted, Spencer is surely testing his father here, and he probably wouldn't be pleased to see Nik hesitating. From the sounds of things, Nikolas may stall on making a decision about this for now.

According to Soap Central, Elizabeth and Franco will soon figure out that Nik and Ava are playing some dangerous games with one another and using them in the process. Given that, it sounds as if Nikolas and Ava will both be stuck for now as they try to force the other to break the terms of their prenuptial agreement.

Will Nikolas choose his son over his fortune or manage to find a way to get rid of Ava without losing his estate? Could Ava and Nik end up falling for one another, with her winning over Spencer, eventually? General Hospital spoilers suggest that this battle could get rather intense in the days ahead, and fans are ready for it.