Marshawn Lynch Says He's In Talks To Return To The Seattle Seahawks Next Year

Marshawn Lynch might be getting ready to come back from retirement yet again. The 13-year NFL veteran told ESPN's Scott Van Pelt that he may be returning to play a full season with the Seattle Seahawks next year.

"Well, it's almost on that 'expect the unexpected.' But just as far as right now, what I do know is, Imma keep it solid. My agent [Doug Hendrickson] has been in talks with Seattle, so like I said, we'll see what happens. If it works out and I get back up there, it is what it is. And if not, s---, I'm lookin' good. So I ain't really trippin' too much," Lynch said in the interview.

Last season, as Seattle prepared for their playoff run, they found that injuries at the running back position required them to resign Lynch for the post-season. At the time, that return seemed likely to be temporary. Most suspected that he would retire from the game for good at the end of the 2019-2020 season.

However, now that Seattle is facing some of the same injuries they were dealing with at the end of last season, it seems possible that the 34-year-old -- who is often known as "Beast Mode" -- could be making his return to the team once again.

Seattle is facing a deficit at running back at the moment because Rashaad Penny tore his ACL during the 2019 season and may not be recovered enough to play at the beginning of this NFL season. Chris Carson had a season-ending hip injury last year, but reports suggest he'll be ready to play when this season starts.

During his return to the Seahawks, Lynch was not as effective as he had been during the prime of his career. In his one regular season appearance, he gained 34 yards on 12 carries. In the post-season, he gained 33 yards on 18 carries across two games. Before returning to the Seahawks, Lynch was last a member of the Oakland Raiders roster.

The news that he may be returning to the Seahawks comes as the entire league attempts to adapt to the circumstances around the COVID-19 pandemic. In April, the NFL held its first ever remote draft, which was carried off fairly seamlessly in spite of the worries there may be technical difficulties.

According to the NFL, the league is still planning to play next season in full, beginning in September. There are still many open questions about what that will look like, including whether fans will be able to attend games.