Kate Beckinsale Dances Around In A White Top As Her Cat Shows Off His ‘Summery’ Look

Jesse GrantGetty Images for Absolut Elyx

Kate Beckinsale and one of her beloved Persian cats, Clive, celebrated the warm and sunny weather by listening to some music and showing off their summer style. However, while Kate looked like she was having a blast waltzing around her kitchen in a breezy white top, Clive didn’t look very happy about his festive floral look.

On Monday, Kate took to Instagram to delight her 4.2 million followers with a new video costarring her grumpy-looking kitty companion. Clive was sitting on the kitchen counter, which Kate’s two feline cohabitants seem to consider the hottest hangout spot in the house. The fluffy gray cat was wearing a felt headdress decorated with green leaves, pink roses, and white flowers.

Clive was staring straight into the camera, which had been placed on the opposite counter. He didn’t flinch as Kate twirled by with one arm stretched up in the air.

The Serendipity star was wearing an ivory peasant blouse with balloon sleeves and a stretchy smocked neck. One side of the billowy garment’s wide neckline was sliding down to reveal Kate’s bare shoulder as she spun around. She was also wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and a white belt.

The song Kate chose for her dance performance was the classic 1967 hippie anthem, “San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)” by Scott McKenzie. However, the British actress wasn’t wearing flowers in her hair. Instead, she had her thick brunette tresses pulled up in an elegant updo.

Kate passed in front of Clive multiple times, but he appeared to be ignoring her. His only movement was the occasional tail twitch until the end of the video. As Kate danced behind the counter, he finally turned to look at her. She then bent over the counter to get closer to the kitty.

Since it was initially posted, Kate’s video has racked up over 100,000 likes and 5,000 comments. Her followers let her know that they found Clive’s “summery vibe” hilarious and somewhat frightening.

“Look at that face! He’s plotting his revenge haha,” read one response to Kate’s video.

“Your cat looks like he is plotting to kill you… learn to sleep with one eye open,” another fan advised.

“I can’t breathe, I freaking love Clive,” wrote a third commenter.

“This is like a scarier remake of The Wicker Man,” a fourth fan remarked.

In response to The Wicker Man comment, Kate noted a key difference between her dance sequence and the one featured in the 1973 movie.

“Slightly less bummy,” the actress wrote.

Clive isn’t the only cat who has looked less than impressed with Kate’s dancing. Her other Persian, Willow, also mostly ignored her while she was grooving to the Bananarama song “Love in the First Degree.” The kitty was fittingly relaxing in her beloved banana bed.