May 4, 2020
Three Russian Medical Workers Treating Coronavirus Have Fallen From Windows In Just Over A Week

Three Russian medical workers have fallen from windows in just over a week, including at least two who fell under mysterious circumstances after lodging complaints about conditions in hospitals responding to the coronavirus outbreak.

As the Moscow Times reported, a paramedic who had complained about being forced to work despite a positive diagnosis for coronavirus was left in critical condition after falling from a hospital window in western Russia.

The paramedic, Alexander Shulepov, was reportedly in critical condition after falling from a second-floor window of a rural hospital, where he was being treated for coronavirus. The report noted that the 37-year-old had filmed a video on April 22, complaining that doctors at the small hospital had forced him to continue working despite the diagnosis. He then published a second video three days later denying the initial claims, which some believed he was forced to record.

The report added that Russian officials have been cracking down on those speaking out on the virus, including threats of prison for those accused of spreading misinformation.

"[Shulepov's] colleague Alexander Kosyakin reportedly faces criminal charges for spreading 'fake news' about the virus, which carries a prison sentence of up to five years under a recently passed federal law," the report noted.

As The Inquisitr previously wrote, Shulepov's fall came just days after Dr. Yelena Nepomnyashchaya fell from a window while she was reportedly on a conference call raising concerns about treating coronavirus patients at her hospital that had an "acute shortage" of personal protection equipment for doctors and nurses.

Though a representative for the local government suggested that she may have jumped out of the window, the incident raised suspicion as the Russian government has been accused of silencing dissidents through acts of violence. These include a Russian lawyer serving as a witness for a case against the U.S. government who was allegedly thrown from a window, as The Daily Beast reported.

According to Buzzfeed News, Nepomnyashchaya's fall came a day after a 48-year-old medical professional named Natalya Lebedeva died after falling from a high window following accusations from superiors that she had infected several colleagues with coronavirus. Some colleagues believed that Lebedva, who worked as the chief of an ambulance center near Moscow, may have died by suicide after the accusation.

Both Lebedeva and Nepomnyashchaya died from their injuries in the fall.

Russia has been accused of suppressing information about the coronavirus. This includes alleged skepticism of early claims that there were only a few hundred cases back in late March -- a time when other countries with similar conditions were reporting several thousand or more.