Sommer Ray Shows Off Incredible Body While Working Out In New Video

Sommer Ray was back on Instagram on Monday morning as she showed off some serious energy, a snappy outfit, and a stunning physique in a new video. The model, who boasts more than 24 million followers on the social media site, danced and lip-synced along to her workout music as she also displayed a set of workout bands she apparently plans on selling.

Ray wore a matching sports bra and workout shorts that barely covered her derriere. Both pieces had a pink-and-purple camo print and come from the model's PSD collection of apparel. To further match her bra and shorts, she sported a purple bandana tied around her head in order to help keep her long blond locks out of her face as she sweated it out.

Finishing off the look was a purple workout band wrapped around Ray's upper thighs. It was this particular gadget she had apparently taken to Instagram to show off as they were front and center of her workout video. She announced to her followers via the caption she was very excited to start selling them and that they were currently sitting in a warehouse getting ready to ship out.

As the video began, Ray strutted up to her mirror, shaking her well-formed booty to the tunes she was listening to as she briefly lip-synced the lyrics. That was followed by a brief strut and dance as she showed off how the bands helped work her derriere and inner thighs.

After a few repetitions of the exercise, Ray briefly returned to lip-syncing, doing a dance where she swayed her hips and jiggled her booty. Then, it was time to turn around and work the other leg. When that set was finished, Ray started in on some power squats as she moved around in a circle several times. That spinning motion allowed her millions of viewers to get a good look at not just her behind, also the front of her perfectly toned body.

Several of her followers made it clear they appreciated the show.

"I really wish to look like you someday," one user posted.

Another user pointed out they still felt the difference in the situation most people in the country find themselves in, saying that "quarantine workouts hit different."

A third individual simply wanted to make sure Ray knew they loved her, while a fourth decided it was time to offer up a marriage proposal.