Bethany Lily April Leaves Her White Jacket Open, Exposing Ample Cleavage

Bethany Lily AprilInstagram

British hottie Bethany Lily April titillated her 2.7 million Instagram followers when she shared a sexy throwback photo of herself on Monday afternoon. The model’s gorgeous pic attracted many of her fans right away, and within two hours of being posted, it garnered over 40,000 likes.

The 24-year-old stunner sat on top of her marble kitchen counter to pose for the photograph. She wore all white, including high-waisted pants and a simple jacket that she left open to expose her ample cleavage and curvy chest.

Bethany let her coat slip down her shapely shoulders to reveal tons of skin to her admirers. Aside from her bust, she showcased her toned midriff and flawless collar region. She completed her ensemble with strappy black heels and red painted fingernails.

Tucking her straight blond hair behind her ears, Bethany looked attuned to something happening outside of the frame. She parted her rosy lips, and her vibrant blue eyes widened while she looked at something to the right of the camera.

Bethany kept things simple with her makeup application. She appeared to use red lip gloss to fill in her plump lips and bronzer to accentuate her slim cheekbones. It seemed that she thickened her eyelashes with mascara and then defined her eyebrows with a brow pencil.

She mentioned that the snap was a throwback from last year, and in it, she was hanging out in her kitchen.

It did not take long for the bombshell’s latest Instagram share to get attention. Hundreds of her admirers flocked to her comments section to compliment her figure and praise her chic fashion sense. Several social media users wanted to know where Bethany got her outfit.

“What’s your favourite thing to cook? I need some inspiration,” asked Bethany in a comment.

“Since you’re the only one in the kitchen, are you on the menu?” joked one fan, trailing their comment with a variety of cute emoji.

“Almost midnight over here, so nothing’s cooking right now. But you wanna know what I wish was cooking? Lasagna,” replied another person.

“Nothing can be compared to this beauty!” exclaimed a third devotee, inserting several heart, flame, face blowing a kiss, and okay sign emoji to their remark.

“The chef is going to be quite distracted,” chimed in a fourth user.

Over the weekend, Bethany shared a smoking hot video of herself rocking a snakeskin-print bikini and flaunting her killer curves while drinking Bang Energy. Her short clip earned more than 120,000 views.