Tammy Hembrow Delivers A Golden Beach Glow In Cropped White Sweater

Tammy Hembrow Instagram

Tammy Hembrow took a casual bathroom selfie that showed her with a seemingly perfect sun-kissed glow under her golden locks. She uploaded her latest Instagram post on Sunday, May 3 and it not disappoint her 11 million followers. So far it’s gained more than 200,000 likes and 1,100 comments.

The selfie featured Hembrow in her bathroom wearing an off-white, long-sleeved crop top sweater that had a collar. She held her right arm slightly behind her head and placed her right hand atop her hair. Behind her, viewers could see a bathroom sink adjacent to a walk-in shower with a glass door.

She paired the top with gold accents, including a Chanel letter necklace that spelled out the designer’s name and had a thin gold chain holding each block letter together. She wore a mix of earring sizes, including a set of gold hoops at the bottom of her lobes and smaller hoops lining the edge of her ear. Even her studded nose rings almost twinkled in the picture.

Similar to her past photos, Hembrow made her long blond hair an accessory all on its own, creating a few loose curls amongst the straight style. Her manicured nails were short and natural.

She kept her makeup look simple, fitting to the effortless style of the assemble. Her seemingly bronzed skin and highlighter gave off a beach-ready tan. Her brows looked to have a perfect arch above the lightly dusted pink eye shadow. She concluded her glam with what appears to be a pink lipgloss outlined with a light brown tint.

The fitness trainer’s icy blue eyes popped behind her feathered eyelashes. The caption had no words, just a mixture of heart and star emoji.

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Fans of the model showed a lot of positive responses to the photo, with streams of heart-eyed emoji or simply heart emoji left in the comments section. The model responded to many of the messages. She even answered a few questions fans had about her everyday routine.

“So you still put make up on every single day during iso? Respect hun,” posted an Instagram user.

“everyday? Hell no lol,” she responded, along with a kissy face emoji.

It was only a few days ago when the model posted a sultry poolside snap taken outside of a stylish home. She sat in front of blue water in a floral pink and orange matching swimsuit. That post proved popular as well, earning 312,454 likes and over 1,000 comments.