‘Boy Meets World’ Star Maitland Ward Bakes Brownies In Darth Vader Apron: ‘Daddy Darth Wanted To Celebrate’

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Boy Meets World actress Maitland Ward shared cute pictures of herself baking a sweet treat to celebrate May the 4th Star Wars style. The well-known cosplayer also gave a nod to the story’s characters with her outfit, which her fans seemed to enjoy.

In the fun images posted to Instagram, Maitland stood in a kitchen beside a stainless steel electric stove and matching microwave. The counter revealed that she’d been busy measuring out the ingredients for the dessert she created. The model wore her long red hair in two low side buns, echoing the way Princess Leia wore hers in the original George Lucas movies. The adult film star wore a black Darth Vader apron that featured the detailing of the Sith’s chest plate, and it tied around her waist. The garment featured the iconic Star Wars logo on one side at the bottom. It appeared as if the model wore little else with the cooking outfit, which fell to just above her knees and offered a hint of sideboob.

Maitland appeared to wear little or no makeup in the picture. It looked like she had a bit of eyeliner and possibly mascara, which made her bright blue eyes pop. In one hand, the actress held a large metal mixing spoon covered in brown brownie batter, and she opened her mouth and touched it to her tongue. A mixing bowl and an unbaked pan of the delicious dessert were visible on top of the stove just beside Maitland.

In the caption, the star wished her fans a happy May the 4th, which has become something of an unofficial Star Wars holiday. She also included several hashtags, and one noted that she’s a cosplay queen. Her followers appreciated the costume, and 11,000 of them hit the “like” button while 150 also took the time to leave a reply.

“So cute! Can I have some brownies?” asked one fan of the look and the tasty treat.

“Very sexy, that’s a lucky spoon,” a second devotee of the actress joked.

“Thank you for such a great part of my day,” wrote a third follower.

“Are you naked under that kitchen apron?” a fourth Instagrammer wondered.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Maitland showed off nude and cream-colored lingerie in a series of bathroom selfies as she has kept herself busy and her fans engaged during the coronavirus pandemic, which has many people staying inside more than usual.