DJ Khaled Covers His Eyes As Woman Twerks On His Instagram Live

DJ Khaled was attempting to have a casual conversation on Instagram live on Sunday when a fan began twerking instead of talking after he started a one-on-one chat. The producer did not want to see the young woman attempting to dance, reported Complex.

The woman entered the livestream wearing pink mini shorts and a bikini top. She sat with the phone pointed directly at her hips, with her face outside of the camera angle.

Immediately, Khaled put his hands up over his head and looked away from the screen nervously as she began to dance in the camera.

"No, no, don't do that," he said calmly as she began shaking her rump.

Khaled then attempted to explain how he is a married man, which was met with the woman reaching for a water bottle. She resumed her seated position and began pouring water over her behind, to which Khaled covered his eyes nervously.

"Just talk to do me normal, don't do that," he exclaimed at the camera.

However, based on the video, the woman didn't believe his first few protests and continued to pour the water over herself. Eventually, Khaled removed her from the chat as he repeated it's "all love" and "you know I got love for you."

Khaled reposted the recorded live onto his feed, which currently has more than 4 million views. After 44,000 comments were posted, Khaled limited the number of comments allowed on the post.

Celebrities such as SZA, Tyrese, and singing duo Ceraadi commented on the post, finding the whole ordeal and Khaled's reaction hilarious.

"Lmaooo Allah knows your heart king!!!! blessings," commented SZA, along with the prayer hands, crying laughing, and crown emoji.

However, unlike many of the comments, Naomi Campbell had a less humorous reaction to the video.

"Come on woman where is yourself [sic] respect smh," the supermodel posted under the video along with a shaking head emoji.

The woman's name has not been revealed and was removed from Khaled's reposted video.

A similar situation happened with Diddy a few weeks ago, on April 12, when Lizzo attempted to dance provocatively on his live chat with his sons. Diddy immediately stopped the music for the many curse words in the song, according to The Daily Mail.

"Stop the music. It's Easter Sunday, let's play something a little bit family friendly," he said, speaking to "123" by Moneybagg Yo.

The singer apologized profusely for the song and agreed to do something "fun" and began playing her own track, "Juice."