May 4, 2020
Ted Cruz Slams 'New York Times' Editors Over 'Freudian Slip' In Call For Joe Biden Investigation

The New York Times' editorial board recently called on the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to investigate Tara Reade's sexual assault and harassment allegations against Joe Biden. As reported by The Daily Wire, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz responded to the call and suggested that it contained a reflection of their true intentions.

The exchange began with Washington Examiner's Byron York, who noted the choice of words used in the statement.

"Absolutely astonishing — New York Times not only rejects role of media, but calls for an investigation done by 'an unbiased, apolitical panel, put together by the DNC,'" he tweeted.

Cruz responded and contrasted the situation to former Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg and his operation of Bloomberg News, which did not offer criticism of his campaign.

"Amazing Freudian slip from NYT. It's the same principle as Bloomberg media saying 'we won't investigate Mike Bloomberg as a candidate, because he's our boss.'"
In a follow-up tweet, the 49-year-old politician called the New York Times editors "hacks" and compared the editorial to Richard Nixon's Watergate scandal.
"Imagine this NYT editorial: 'allegations have arisen that President Nixon was behind the break-in at the Watergate. The media cannot investigate. We believe the Committee to Re-Elect the President should launch a 'thorough' investigation.'"
According to Cruz, the recent call might be one of the publication's worst offenses.

"It's who they are," he tweeted. "They don't even pretend anymore."

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the New York Times editors called on the DNC to work in cooperation with Biden's campaign to determine the credibility of Reade's allegations. Elsewhere, Biden's campaign called on journalists to investigate the accusation and assured that they would be proven false.

While Reade believes documentation of her harassment complaint from Biden's Senate office is located at the University of Delaware, Biden suggested on MSNBC's Morning Joe on Friday that they would be in the National Archives. When pressed about searching for Reade's name in the University of Delaware's archives, he appeared speechless. The National Archives later pushed back and said such documents are from the Senate Fair Employment Practices offices.

As noted by The New York Times in its call for a DNC investigation, there is evidence both against and in support of Reade's allegation that Biden penetrated her with his fingers in 1993. In response to the New York Times' call to action, the DNC said it would not be investigating and said the Barack Obama campaign's 2008 background check "fully vetted" Biden, who went on to be vice president.