May 4, 2020
Donald Trump Should Step Down And Let Mike Pence Lead, MSNBC Host Says

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough used Monday's edition of Morning Joe to call on President Donald Trump to step down and let Mike Pence lead the United States amid the coronavirus pandemic, Raw Story reported.

"Mr. President, I ask that you get checked out," Scarborough said. "I ask that you take a rest. I ask that you take care of yourself, maybe let Mike Pence run things for the next week. You're not well."

Scarborough suggested that Pence is better equipped to lead the United States as the country continues to battle the coronavirus and public health experts predict a second wave will occur this fall.

"Mr. President, you're getting worse every day. You need to take a rest, you need to let Mike Pence actually run things for the next couple of weeks. Come back when you're feeling a little better and when you can really actually focus on your job. You just can't do that right now. Americans are dying every day because of it."
Scarborough's comments come after Trump again brought up the death of Lori Klausutis, who worked in Scarborough's Fort Walton Beach office during his time as a Florida congressman, and suggested the MSNBC host may be involved. The 57-year-old television personality noted the cruelty of Trump's accusation but also said it was not unexpected and pointed to the Seth Reith conspiracy that Trump and his allies pushed.

Even if Trump does not hand the reigns to pence, Bloomberg reports the vice president's recent time in the spotlight paves the way for a 2024 presidential run. In addition to being part of the coronavirus task force, Pence has his own political action committee and — before COVID-19 lockdown restrictions — was traveling the country as a Trump surrogate. According to the publication, Pence is expected to succeed Trump, although it's still unclear whether he is willing to run for the Republican Party's nomination and take up the position.

As reported by NBC News, Pence's role as the head of the coronavirus task force — which it calls a "perilous job" — has put his future on the line. Although the publication notes that Pence has received praise for his role on the task force thus far, it also highlights that this could change at any moment, given the unpredictable nature of the pandemic and Trump's mercurial nature.

If Pence and Trump are both removed from their positions, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would be next in line to assume the presidency, as The Inquisitr previously reported.