Carrie Underwood Teases Dramatic New Haircut Via Instagram Stories

Carrie Underwood may not be sporting her signature long blond hair anymore -- or at least that's what she wants fans to think. Though the country superstar is almost as famous for her golden locks as she is for her powerhouse voice, she joked over the weekend that she could be rocking a dramatic new look.

Carrie shared a photo with her 9.6 million followers on May 3 which showed her eldest son, 5-year-old Isaiah, getting a buzzcut in the garden from his dad, retired hockey star Mike Fisher.

The first snap in the set, which can be seen via People, showed the youngster in a green t-shirt with his back to the camera while Carrie snapped away. He sat in front of Mike, who kept things casual in a gray t-shirt and a backwards baseball cap. Mike held clippers on the youngster's head and was buzzing off his hair.

In the caption, Carrie told fans that the Underwood/Fisher family was getting in some "back yard hair cuts" as they sat outside in the sunshine with the cloudless blue sky visible above them.

But she also teased that her son wasn't the only one going for a very short new look.

The "Drinking Alone" singer -- who recently turned down Florida Georgia Line's public request for a duet -- joked that she, too, might go for a new 'do while in lockdown, as she quipped she might actually let Mike have a go at her hair.

In a second post shared immediately after the snap of her husband and son, Carrie teased that she was next in line for a garden buzzcut.

"I'm next," she jokingly told fans in a bold white font over a rainbow background with an emoji of a woman getting her hair chopped off.

But it sounds like Carrie's followers shouldn't worry too much about the star ditching her long hair as she rides out the coronavirus crisis alongside her family at their home in Tennessee.

She then made it clear that she was only kidding around, following up with "JK" on the same colorful background, which is short text speech for "just kidding."

But while she may not be at the point of buzzing off her hair in lockdown, Carrie has been keeping fans updated on how she and her family are doing amid the pandemic affecting much of the world.

She previously shared the most adorable photo of her three boys -- Carrie and Mike are also parents to 1-year-old Jacob -- playing around on the floor together. In that snap, the retired athlete held up his sons with his arms as they pretended to be airplanes, their arms stretched out either side of them.