Instagram Model Hanna Oberg Shows Off Sculpted Arms In Upper Body Workout Video

Hanna ObergInstagram

Hanna Oberg is an Instagram fitness model with a large following of 1.8 million. She took to the social media platform on Sunday to add her latest workout video to the growing collection. The upper-body exercise circuit earned thousands of likes and hundreds of comments within the first several hours.

In the video, Hanna wore a mustard-colored sports bra with spaghetti straps and a white logo on one side of the chest. The top left plenty of skin exposed, including the model’s chiseled arms and shoulders and toned midsection. Hanna paired the bra with gray camouflage leggings that rose high on her hips and clung to her sculpted legs. The tight-fitting leggings emphasized the model’s ample backside.

For footwear, Hanna chose a pair of white sneakers while accessorizing with a couple of thin bracelets and a necklace. The full sleeve of tattoos on her right arm also drew the eye. The fitness trainer wore her brunette tresses up in a loose bun on top of her head while letting a couple of loose strands frame her face. Her blue eyes popped with a bit of mascara while she added a touch of pink gloss to her lips.

The upper body workout consisted of four exercises, each featured in a separate clip in the post. Hanna used a pair of dumbbells for equipment, but let her followers know that they could substitute the dumbbells for any weighted household item if they did not have access to a pair.

The first exercise that Hanna demonstrated was chest flies, carried out while lying down. The second video featured around the world raises, a move that Hanna performed while seated on a black chair. The third video showed the incline chest press. Hanna lay back against the chair with her torso held flat and pushed the dumbbells up toward the ceiling with both hands. In the final exercise, wall front raises, Hanna stood with her back pushed against the wall and raised one arm out in front of her at a time, holding a dumbbell in each hand.

In the caption of the post, Hanna directed her followers to perform the four exercises for four or five rounds. She wrote that after the upper body workout, she had added an ab circuit, and it was a good one. The model also wrote out the exercises and added the number of reps her trainees should do for each.

Among the many comments were messages from adoring fans about how much they loved the model and her workouts.

“LOVE your workouts so much!!” one follower commented.