Lauren Drain Stuns In A Blue Thong Bikini Four Months After Giving Birth

Fitness influencer Lauren Drain isn't letting being stuck at home stop her from quickly bouncing back after giving birth, and she posed in a bikini to prove it. On Sunday, the popular model -- who holds the unofficial title of "The World's Sexiest Nurse" -- took to Instagram to show off the results of all her hard work in her home gym. She also revealed her new hairstyle, which was pretty much forced on her since she can't go to the salon.

In the caption of her Instagram post, the 34-year-old personal trainer revealed that it's now been four months since she gave birth to her baby girl, Aria. However, there was no sign of any postpartum weight in the video that Lauren shared. She was shown from behind as she waded in her backyard pool. Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage" remix featuring Beyonce played as the camera zoomed in on Lauren. She was standing in thigh-deep water, which provided a clear view of the thong back of her vibrant blue bikini.

Lauren's bathing suit bottoms featured a tiny triangle of fabric in the back that left little to the imagination. The skimpy style perfectly showcased her round posterior, and the string ties on the sides of the garment highlighted her curvy hips. The video also gave viewers a glimpse of the exercise enthusiast's powerful thighs, strong back, and toned abs.

Lauren's matching bikini top featured small triangle cups that exposed a significant amount of sideboob. The number had string ties in the back, and their ends were hanging down in the air, thanks to Lauren's perfect posture. She had her back arched as she reached up to toss her layered blond hair around. The movement showed off her impressively sculpted shoulder and arm muscles.

Lauren stuck her tongue out at the camera as she continued running her fingers through her shoulder-length locks. In the caption of her post, she revealed that she had just taken her hair extensions out.

Lauren's Instagram followers didn't seem to mind the absence of her extensions.

"Man one hot momma," read one response to her video.

"Still beautiful as ever," another fan wrote.

"The mistress of cake has arrived to tik tok," a third admirer remarked.

"Savages don't run away screaming when their husbands' holding a bug but your husband counts," read a fourth comment.

The remark about Lauren's husband and a bug was in reference to a throwback video that she shared last week. It showed Lauren and a friend, model Genevieve Ava, dancing around and having a blast during their vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Unfortunately, Lauren's husband spoiled their fun by grabbing a huge bug and showing it to Lauren, which made her run off screaming in terror.