Laci Kay Somers Shows Off Her Voluptuous Bust In New Instagram Video

Laci Kay SomersInstagram

Laci Kay Somers left little to the imagination in her latest Instagram upload, sharing a video of herself showcasing her ample assets. The model posted the clip on her Instagram story on Sunday, wowing her 10.7 million fans who were thirsty for more.

Laci seemed to look directly at the camera, though her icy blue eyes were obscured by sunglasses. The lenses of the large, aviator sunnies were a sheer brown, and the rims were gold. She put one hand on the side of her blond-gray hair, and the other holding was her phone and taking the shot. She stood in front of a purple building.

As Laci panned over her outfit, it was clear she was on a sidewalk while she showed off her streetwear. She gave her viewers a glimpse at her entire ensemble.

First, she flaunted her white tube top, which stood out in stark contrast to Laci’s sun-kissed skin. The skimpy shirt was extremely revealing, as Laci nearly popped out of it. Her voluptuous bust and curvaceous cleavage were on full display in the footage, becoming the center point of the video.

Next was her midriff, with her toned, taut, and tan abs visible because her shirt was so tiny and her jeans were so low-cut. Her denim pants were so low that her diamond bellybutton piercing sparkled in the light. The fitted, light-wash jeans hugged her hips and made her legs look like they went on forever.

She paired the outfit with strappy kitten heels.

Her long tresses cascaded in pin-straight strands down one shoulder, curving around her bust and hitting the waistband of her pants. Her nails were lacquered with a white polish, matching her bright shirt. She wore no jewelry except for dainty earrings.

Laci’s dark brows were shaped, groomed, and arched high over her sunglasses. Her contoured cheeks were brushed with bronzer, which made her cheekbones pop. She wore a Barbie pink hue on her plump pout. The corners of her mouth turned upward, a small smile playing on her face.

As Laci Kay Somers fans and The Inquisitr readers know, the model frequently turns heads by posting racy and revealing content on her Instagram grid and Instagram story.

One of her most recent posts showed Laci pulling on her pigtails and tugging on her navy blue bra-and-panty set in a seductive fashion. The skimpy lingerie not only showed off the model’s hourglass physique but also barely contained her bust, which threatened to pop out of the top.