Steve “Woz” Wozniak “Very Scared” By His Toyota Prius, Calls It A Software Glitch

Steve Wozniak Toyota Prius

When a regular persons Toyota accelerates at quick speeds or fails to slow down quickly enough, they immediately blame the floor mats or their pedal. When Apple co-founder Steve “Woz” Wozniak experiences the same type of rapid acceleration, he analyzes the issue and calls it a software glitch.

According to the LA Times, Woz was driving when his Toyota Prius suddenly accelerated to 97 miles per hour in what he called a “very scary” experience. But rather than bitch and moan about the ordeal, he has actually offered to replicate the issue for Toyota.

According to Toyota engineers they will be borrowing and testing the car for a week, while trying to diagnose the problems. Here’s an idea for them though, if one of the pioneers of the computer world and a certifiable genius says they can duplicate the issue, why in the hell would you fail to recognize their help?

I’ll note at this point that no reports have linked the issue at this point to a software glitch, but I’ll definitely take Woz’s word for it.