Which New York Football team should open the new Meadowlands?

Where are all the New York football fans at? Your city and its two teams have a dilemma on their hands. Who should play the first game in the new Meadowlands when it opens for the 2010 NFL season? Should it be the New York Jets who got all the way to the 2010 AFC Championship game? Or should it be the New York Giants who won Super Bowl 42?

For a long time now, the Jets have been labeled the second team from New York. This goes back to their beginnings as a member of the old AFL, and their long history of laying their home games first at the Polo Grounds, and then at Shea Stadium. Since 1984 they have played their home games at Giants Stadium. Their organization and their fans think they have earned their dues and should be given the chance to open the new stadium.

The Giants on the other hand are the standard bearer for NFL in the New York market. They have won three Super Bowls, while appearing in four and have long reined as the NFL kings of the Big Apple. We can understand that how their team and fans would like to keep that crown for themselves.

Since I don’t live in New York, and I am not a real fan of either of these clubs, I ask all the New York Football fans to chime in. It is really easy Jets or Giants and maybe a little note on why you feel that way that you do.

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