Jennifer Lopez Shows Shakira How To Shake Her Booty, Says Her Mother Taught Her How When She Was Three

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira are both known for their sexy dance moves, but JLo can be heard giving the "Hips Don't Lie" songstress a few pointers on how to better move her body in a new behind-the-scenes video.

On Sunday, Lopez, 50, gave her 119 million Instagram followers an inside look at the intense preparation that she and Shakira, 43, endured during their rehearsals for the Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show.

As reported by The Daily Mail, JLo can be heard telling Shakira how to shake her booty in one of the half-a-dozen videos that she shared with her fans. Lopez also informed her co-performer that she mastered the art at a very young age, thanks to her mother.

In the caption of her Instagram post, Lopez revealed that all of the videos were from her and Shakira's first rehearsal with their backup dancers. JLo was rocking a cropped lavender Guess sweatshirt and a pair of purple floral-print leggings.

In the video that showed Shakira getting a dance lesson, she was wearing black leggings and a bright yellow sweatshirt over a pink T-shirt. It was the fifth video in the carousel. The two women were both rapidly moving their legs to make their booties move.

"I do it with my knees," Lopez can be heard telling Shakira. "I shake my knees. You shake your knees, your butt moves. My mother taught me that when I was three."

Shakira was absent in two of the behind-the-scenes videos that Lopez included in her carousel. In the first clip, the Hustlers actress briefly showed off her pole-dancing skills before confidently strutting down a set of stairs with her backup dancers. She was singing "Jenny From the Block."

In her next video, JLo was practicing her choreography for her performance of "Ain't It Funny (Murder Remix)." Her backup dancers lifted her up in the air, and she turned around to show off her booty-shaking skills when her feet were back on the ground.

In the third video, Lopez and Shakira performed "Let's Get Loud" with a large group of children. This was followed by a shot of the two women being applauded by everyone who was present at their rehearsal. The final video showed an exhausted JLo executing a roundoff.

Since it was initially posted, JLo's collection of throwback videos has received almost 1.5 million likes. Her followers also flocked to the comments section of her post to let the singer know how happy they were that she decided to share the videos with them.

"What an incredible moment! Thank you for these videos," one fan wrote.

"This is awesome!!! I love seeing the behind the scenes to things! Teaching Shakira to shake was my favorite part," read another response to JLo's post.

"We didn't realize you guys were performing at the closing ceremony of the world!!" a third fan quipped. "You did a great job and blessed 2020! So thankful."