May 3, 2020
NFL Rumors: Chris Jones Was Expected To Give The Chiefs A 'Hometown Discount'

The Kansas City Chiefs want to retain Chris Jones beyond this year and thought they could get a deal done with the defensive end before now, a new report claims. One reason the team thought a new contract would be finalized by now is their belief that Jones would be open to giving them a "hometown discount" -- but that hasn't happened.

Tyler Conway of Bleacher Report says shortly after the Chiefs franchise tagged Jones in March, they thought a multi-year deal would be made before the draft. Now the 2020 NFL Draft has come and gone and the two sides are apparently no closer to arriving at an agreement. Instead of giving the Chiefs a team-friendly deal, Jones has gone public with this frustration over the lack of movement.

He talked to Colin Cowherd in February about his frustration of going through another offseason with a franchise tag and little idea if a longer-term contract could be hammered out. Arrowhead Pride reported his comments shortly after that appearance.

"It's like a mix of emotions because you figure, you know, after four years, you do everything the right way, within the team way, you try to stay under the line, out of trouble, and be a good citizen for a team and for the city, you expect to be rewarded."
He added that when he got hit with the franchise tag, it felt to him like the Chiefs weren't valuing his contributions. He also noted this is the second year in a row where things looked like they were going to move forward, only to hit a standstill as the offseason rolled on.The deadline to get a deal done is July 15. That gives everyone roughly two months to avoid yet another summer of wondering whether Jones might hold out and not report to camp.

There were some who thought he wouldn't show up to fall camp in time last season. He ended up getting over his hard feelings enough to report when he was supposed to. He then helped the Chiefs' improved defense lead the team to a Super Bowl victory over the San Francisco 49ers.

Conway points out the idea that Jones would take a cheaper deal to stay in Kansas City was likely wishful thinking. He made just $6.2 million over his first four seasons, outplaying his contract by a wide margin.

The defensive end has made it clear he'd like to play for the Chiefs for the rest of his career. His comments earlier this winter indicate the front office could frustrate him enough that he'll leave if he doesn't feel he's being rewarded properly.