Joe Biden’s Sexual Assault Accuser, Tara Reade, Cancels Sunday Interview With Fox News, Citing Death Threats

Scott OlsonGetty Images

Tara Reade, the woman who is accusing Joe Biden of sexual assault committed during her time working in his U.S. Senate office, has canceled a planned interview with Fox News for Sunday, reportedly citing death threats.

The cancellation comes more than a day after Biden broke his silence on the allegations, saying in a Friday interview on MSNBC that the incident never happened. In the interview, Biden called for the National Archives to release any records that would pertain to her claim of sexual assault. Reade had been set for her first major live interview about the allegations, but on Saturday she canceled her interview with Fox News set to take place on Sunday morning.

As New York Times reporter Lisa Lerer reported on Twitter, Reade claimed that she had received death threats and grew too worried about putting her family in the spotlight.

“Tara Reade tells me she canceled the interview with Fox News because death threats received by her and her child made her nervous about being in the public eye,” Lerer wrote.

Reade came forward last year with a group of other women who said that Biden made them feel uncomfortable with unwanted touching but stressed it was not of a sexual nature. This year, however, she said that Biden sexually assaulted her while she worked in his office in 1993.

Reade’s interview cancellation came not long after The Associated Press reported that Reade said the report she filed with the U.S. Senate did not contain references to either sexual assault or harassment.

“I remember talking about him wanting me to serve drinks because he liked my legs and thought I was pretty and it made me uncomfortable,” Reade said in an interview Friday with The Associated Press.

“I know that I was too scared to write about the sexual assault.”

Reade quoted the story on Twitter and wrote the word “false” but did not elaborate on what part of the story she was claiming to be untrue.

Reade had previously told reporter Katie Halper in an interview published in Current Affairs that she filed a report regarding her time working in Biden’s office. When asked what the report was about, Reade said it was regarding “sexual harassment” but noted that she “did not complain formally” about the incident where she claims Biden sexually assaulted her. She said the report was about the general atmosphere of the office and the way she was treated.

EDITORS NOTE: A Fox News spokesperson claimes the network “never confirmed the interview or the New York Times story and [they] don’t provide details on the booking process.”