May 3, 2020
'The Bachelorette' Lovebirds JoJo Fletcher & Jordan Rodgers Share Exciting Family Expansion News

JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers of The Bachelorette are close to getting married, but it looks like they decided to focus on another big change in their lives first. JoJo and Jordan shared some fabulous news via social media this week about a new addition to their family, and fans are thrilled.

Jordan and JoJo have just added a puppy to their family, sharing the news a couple of days ago on Instagram. Little Jagger is a German short-haired pointer just like big brother Jackson, and it looks like he's going to keep his new mom and dad pretty busy.

The Bachelorette fans likely remember Jackson, the dog JoJo has had for several years now. JoJo, Jordan, and Jackson have made quite the life together in Dallas, Texas. Now, they are officially a family of four with the addition of Jagger.

While Jordan and JoJo are clearly quite excited to have their "quarantine baby" -- as he referred to Jagger -- it seems that Jackson isn't quite so thrilled. In the trio of photos that JoJo shared, the middle one showed Jackson with what could be described as a rather resigned look on his face. Luckily, the third snap that JoJo uploaded showed the two boys sleeping next to one another, and they both looked quite content.

The Bachelorette stars met during her season that aired on ABC in the spring of 2016. They got engaged in the finale and have been together ever since. They have opened up about how much they struggled during their first year together. However, they are stronger than ever now, and Jordan even proposed to JoJo with a new ring last summer. Over the past few months, they had put together plans to tie the knot this year.

Unfortunately, as ET Online notes, the ongoing coronavirus pandemic may force them to postpone their nuptials. Due to Jordan's work as an analyst for ESPN during football season, moving their wedding to the fall probably wouldn't work.

That means that JoJo and Jordan could end up moving their wedding date to sometime next year, a change they would rather not make. At the same time, they explained, they don't want their loved ones worried about traveling and attending the big event amid the coronavirus outbreak. If that means stretching their four-year engagement out to five years, they're prepared to do that.

Apparently, The Bachelorette stars decided to go ahead and add a puppy to their family now rather than wait to see how the next few months of their lives play out in terms of the wedding and such. JoJo and Jordan look head-over-heels in love with puppy Jagger already, and fans cannot wait to see more updates as the little guy and his big brother get used to this new life together.