May 3, 2020
CeeDee Lamb Gets Support From Dez Bryant On Wearing Number 88

Dallas Cowboys' first-round pick CeeDee Lamb is getting one of the team's most storied numbers. After it was announced the rookie receiver was going to be wearing number 88, there were some who wondered if Dez Bryant might have a problem with the young player wearing his old number. The story was that Bryant has been trying to make a comeback to the NFL. More specifically, there were reports he wanted to come back to the Cowboys. When Bryant was asked about it on Twitter earlier this week, he had nothing but words of support for Lamb.

As K.D. Drummond of Cowboys Wire pointed out recently, one of the biggest myths about Bryant is that he was a bad teammate when he was with the Cowboys. The analyst also made it clear he knows Bryant was a fan before he was drafted by the Cowboys back in 2010, and the receiver's love of the team should never be questioned. Drummond believes Bryant's passion and desire to win often appeared to outsiders as though he was a kind of clubhouse cancer.

It's also been pointed out Bryant appears to understand that some of his outbursts were taken the wrong way. Drummond believes the former Cowboys receiver knows some of his angrier comments were poorly timed.

The analyst noted that since Bryant has been out of the league, he seems to have turned over a new leaf. He has spent his time on social media lending support to other players. Now those supportive messages include one to Lamb.

Bryant was actually asked a couple of different times on Twitter how he felt about Lamb wearing his old number, and the second time the issue was mentioned, he went into great detail about how he wants to make sure the younger players are getting a hand up as they come into the NFL.

"I can't feel no way but be supportive of [L]amb and the rest of these young stars that's entering the league... I believe it's my job to help them succeed as much on and off the field," Bryant wrote.

Drummond also believes Bryant has come to a realization with Lamb getting number 88. Since the rookie is getting his old number, the door appears to be closed on the Cowboys bringing the veteran back. After working out over the winter and spring with players like Patrick Mahomes and Dak Prescott, there might be a chance Bryant could get back in the league. However, it appears CeeDee Lamb sporting number 88 means the veteran isn't coming back to Dallas.