Lauren Drain Slays In Undone Daisy Dukes And A Short Top Showing Off Serious Under Boob

Lauren Drain poses
Courtesy Photo

“The World’s Sexiest Nurse,” Lauren Drain, tantalized her 3.8 million Instagram followers with her latest post, in which she showcased her curves in a skimpy ensemble that left little to the imagination. Lauren included Las Vegas, Nevada in the geotag of the post. She posed in front of a vibrant yellow wall, and a small portion of a pale pink wall was visible in the frame as well. Several lush green plants were positioned behind her, although her sculpted physique remained the focal point of the shot.

Lauren rocked a pale yellow top that covered barely anything at all. The top featured a high neckline that kept her cleavage hidden at the top and what appeared to be sleeveless arms that showcased her sculpted arms and shoulders. However, the hem of the shirt didn’t even reach the bottom of her breasts, leaving a serious amount of underboob exposed.

Her chiseled stomach was also on display in the ensemble, and her sun-kissed skin looked stunning against the pale hues of her outfit. She paired the skimpy top with equally tiny light-wash Daisy Dukes. The top button of her Daisy Dukes was unbuttoned, showing off a hint more skin on her lower stomach. The rough hem of her Daisy Dukes barely came a few inches down her thighs, and her sculpted legs looked incredible in the outfit. The photo was cropped just above her knees, so not all of her legs were in the frame, but there was still plenty for her followers to admire.

Lauren’s long blond locks were parted on the side and tumbled down her chest in beachy waves. She paired the sexy shot with a caption that poked fun at her revealing top.

Lauren’s followers absolutely loved the sizzling update, and the post racked up over 3,500 likes within just 22 minutes. It also received 54 comments from her eager fans within the same time span, as they raced to the comments section to share their thoughts.

“Beautiful and sexy,” one follower commented.

“Is this you now?! Girl you’re amazing,” another fan added.

“Absolutely stunning,” one follower said.

“how do you get so tan? Looks so beautiful,” one follower commented, admiring her bronzed skin.

Just a few days ago, as The Inquisitr reported, Lauren treated her followers to a sexy throwback video during a trip she took to Cabo San Lucas — with a twist ending. While the video started with her and her friend Genevieve Ava dancing in skimpy bikinis, it took a turn when Lauren’s husband brandished a cockroach at the two girls. The duo both ran off shrieking, attempting to get as far away from Lauren’s husband as possible.