‘Today’s’ Dylan Dreyer Opens Up About Caring For Two Young Sons While Husband Fought COVID-19

'I definitely failed at being a wife,' Dylan Dreyer said regarding her husband's COVID-19 fight.

Dylan Dreyer smiles at the camera.
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'I definitely failed at being a wife,' Dylan Dreyer said regarding her husband's COVID-19 fight.

Today Show meteorologist Dylan Dreyer is opening up about the challenges she faced while trying to care for two young sons while her husband Brian Fichera battled the coronavirus. In addition to having a 3-year-old son named Calvin, she also has a 3-month-old son named Oliver whom she had to care for without help, according to Today.

March was not an easy month for Dreyer and her family. Prior to her husband’s positive diagnosis for COVID-19, she fell ill herself. She believed at first that she could have the coronavirus because she had many of the symptoms associated with it. She had a 102-degree fever and chills. However, it turned out that she was actually battling a bad case of mastitis which is an inflammation of breast tissue.

After taking antibiotics, Dreyer recovered but then Fichera tested positive for COVID-19. He moved into Calvin’s room and remained isolated from the family. During this time, Dreyer was so busy taking care of the kids she could not attend to her husband’s needs, which she still feels guilty about.

“I like to say that I was an A+ mom during those two weeks, because I felt like supermom. I was up all night with the baby, and I was keeping everybody happy and fed during the day. I definitely failed at being a wife. I feel so guilty, but I didn’t have time to baby Brian,” she explained.

As her husband’s condition continued to deteriorate, things weren’t much easier outside of quarantine for Dreyer. She was not feeling well herself, even losing her sense of smell and taste. Again, she worried that she was sick, perhaps having picked up the coronavirus from Fichera. Nevertheless, she was never able to get tested so she still does not know whether or not she did indeed have COVID-19. Baby Oliver also ran a fever for three weeks before recovering. He was not tested either.

Every member of Dreyer’s family has since recovered and her husband is out of quarantine. After many rough weeks, the family is relieved to be together once again.

“Minus what’s going on in the world, everything in our little apartment is perfect,” Dreyer said.

After spending several months on maternity leave, Dreyer will return to work for The Today Show on May 14.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Fichera opened up on social media regarding his experience battling the coronavirus. He urged people to take it seriously, describing the horrific toll the illness takes on both the body and the mind.